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24 October 2012

Nanny State issues / shit happens / Ayn Rand & Mitt Romney & Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch / death carb for cutie

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Blogger ThePeSla said...
I believe Monster did have warnings about how many should be drank in a 24 hr period.

I have my doubts as to the science and motives of the CDC lately who apparently want to direct the lives of at least grown people in their decisions.

The sin taxes are there but where does the money truly go?

Now, how is it we give children under 8 days old certain shots like hep B when it is thought that so many shots under age two may stress their immune system.

It is not clear we should be imposing such things when the overall science is not clear and the doctors disagree with their own children. It is clear who gets the money in this generation of drug culture.


Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  
Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...
Hiya ThePeSla

If you're new to Vleeptron, you may not know that I have been trying to fix a long-standing problem with Vleeptron -- not enough porn. This post was not originally intended to remedy the porn problem, but then I clicked on the Monster Energy company website and oboy oboy hubba hubba is this website rich with steamy wet soft-core porn ("The Kind Adolescent Boys Like," to borrow a slogan from circa 1900 French postcards). I imagine the lower right derriere with the supersized can of Monster tucked in the thong is a very popular boys' bedroom poster.

I can see you've been struggling with Nanny State issues. And I sympathize, sincerely and truly.

My wife No. 1 (a.k.a. The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms) believed that all attempts to clean up ads on kiddie TV shows were a Fool's Errand, and in fact did great potential harm to the children. She believed that the sooner little kids learn, through bitter experience, that the World is trying to steal their money and destroy their teeth and health by predatory lying, for corporate profit, the quicker the kiddies would Get Smart and stop demanding that Mom buy them Sugar Toasted Choco Cap'n Crunch Fudge Funnies. Government regulation, and Truth In Kiddie Krap Advertising laws would just guarantee us a generation of 30-year-old tooth-rotted obese idiots.

[cf. Mitt Romney's vision for Sesame Street's future, in which Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch would carry Sponsor Logos, like the skateboarders and BMX-treme cyclists sponsored by Monster Energy drinks.]

btw as Senator from New York, one of Hillary Clinton's most vigorous legislative initiatives was her demand to ban or restrict ultraviolent porno video games like Grand Theft Auto, to keep them from destoying the Moral Fiber of our precious Youth. Hillary doesn't just advocate The Nanny State, she wants to be Our National Nanny.

Now to Vleeptron's philosophy and conclusions about Monster Energy and its other supercaffeinated supersugared kid-oriented energy drinks.

Ah, what's a few dead teen girls? Shit happens. If it wasn't the Monster, they'd probably have texted while driving 88 mph up the interstate in the SUV. It was unlikely these distaff MTV dummies would have ever reached reproductive age.

There is the question of how much lethal predation of dopey kids the unrestricted, unregulated Free Market should be permitted to get away with. If Ayn Rand says we should let the little darlings drink all the fun-packaged Poison they want ... that begs the question of why the Free Market should be constrained from selling their adolescent hot little bodies on the Sex Trade & Kiddie Porn market. By what right does the government feel it can tell Americans what they can and can't do with their adolescents' orafices and other remunerative pleasure resources? Libertarian opposition to the Nanny State suggests that America should be allowed to morph into the Eastern European model of the Free Market -- you got rubles and znorki, we got 12-year-old girls and boys in dog collars. We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

By coincidence, the Vleeptron post preceeding this one was chapters 1-4 of "A Cool Million" by Nathanael West, which touches on many of these issues, from a very un-Ayn-Rand lefty Great Depression standpoint. I strongly recommend it to you, and if you find value or amusement (or porn) in it, Leave A Comment and I'll blog the next few chapters.

Thanks for dropping by! (What the hell were you Googling for that got you to this screwy blog???) I checked out your blogs, nice stuph, great photos!

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ThePeSla said...

Wow, very creative writing...

I cannot recall how I stumbled onto your blog but have followed it for quite awhile now.

Cheers... ThePeSla