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21 November 2012

PizzaQ -- who's the babe? Who's that head on the plate?

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Okay, who's the babe? 

Whose head is that on the plate?

Who are the artists?

BONUS SLICES: Any other smut and Bad Stuff you know about this.

1 large pizza with blood sausage / Blutwurst.


PatFromCH said...

Bob likes Glenn Gould. Glenn Gould was very fond of Richard Strauss. Strauss composed an Opera called Salome which as far as I know (I don’t go to the Opera, but I do know some Strauss) is sad and rather gorey.
I had thought he had composed Salome later, but somehow the image fits.I think they call that fin du ciecle or whatever. Maybe I am wrong but the first association I had when I saw that image was either Lulu by Wedekind (Metallica and Lou Reed anyone ?) or Salome. I opt for Salome.

Bugger, if this is right I actually have to listen to that thing, Strauss’ 3 last songs with Schwartzkopf and Glenn Gould were enough to make a happy bloke rather depressed. If Salome is even half as depressing I would like to have some Uppers with that Pizza......and no bloody Blutwurst. YUCK !!

Vleeptron Dude said...

okay u win the pizza! (but no Blutwurst)

The babe is Salome.

Salome was King Herod's niece or stepdaughter, and the dirty old guy asked her to dance her hoochie-koochie Dance of the 7 Veils. He said he'd give her anything she wanted if she'd dance for him.

She did the dance, and then said she wanted the head of John the Baptist on a silver plate.

She isn't mentioned by name (it's a Hebrew varient of shalom) in the New Testament, but she is mentioned by the Roman-Jewish contemporary historian Flavius Josephus.

Oscar Wilde wrote a lurid play about Salome, and as with most of his stuff, it was luridly illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley (right-hand illustration).

I don't know who the Strauss opera poster artist was, but Strauss was thrilled by the Wilde drama and wrote an opera version of it.

It was regularly banned from being performed in Europe. The final scene, Salome professes her (erotic) love for John's severed head.

Gould liked Strauss a lot more than I do. Salome was the radio opera on Saturday.

PatFromCH said...

Gould was almost obsessed with Strauss. He used to lecture poor innocent viewers of the CBC with TV programs about Strauss back in the 60s in a manner that can only be described as smartassy, the language is pure gouldish and rather boring.

Some of his music is quite easy and entertaining. Till Eulenspiegel or Also sprach Zarathustra, but some stuff like 3 letzte Lieder with Schwarzkopf can give you the creeps. Hell, I know, I can understand the lyrics !!!

Also, he refused to leave Germany in the 30s, if and how much he collaborated with the regime is debatable, but the fact that he did stay is highly questionable and would make many a decent classical music afficionado scratch his or her head. Can one still listen to such a composer ? Hm.

Ohh, next year will be Wagner Centennial. You will see this exact debate happen among listeners of classical music and bloody flaming ***ing useless Wagnerians with s**t for brains and less musical taste than me neighbour's cat very shortly.

Anecdote: If I am not mistaken then Richard Strauss’ father worked as an orchestra musician under Wagner. Strauss senior hated him and his music and when it was announced during a rehearsal that Wagner had died and if the members of the orchestra would stand up in a minute of silence the old man refused to get up.....

PatFromCH said...

While I was ranting about Wagner I remembered this nice little piece of comedy.

Now back to the subject at hand....PIZZA !