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28 November 2012

Ubu Roi blotter art from Postalo Vleeptron / there is no joy in Mudville, the Wolverines lost The Big Game / Bob (a Taker) misses out on lots of Free Veterans Stuff, that sux

Click blotter to expand 

& distort all patadimensions.

Ubu Roi blotter art, anonymous artist

after circa 1896 woodcut by Alfred Jarry


21 University of Michigan
26 Ohio State (final)
Columbus, Ohio USA / Saturday 24 November 2012

from my Army buddy who lives in the USA state shaped like the palm of a right-hand mitten, so people who live in this state can point to the palm of their right hand to show where they were born or had a car accident.


Hi Bob,

I have a suggestion. How about some Ubu Roi blotter art?

The perforated blotter sheets are similar to a page of postage stamps.

Back in I think 1967 I went to a film festival at the Detroit Institute of Art and saw an animated Ubu Roi film. It really left a visual impression on me. I don’t remember who made it and I have not been able to find this particular film version of Ubu Roi online.

Happy belated Veteran’s Day. K******* emailed me with a list of discounts for Vets that weekend.



Click HERE to see famous classic of Eastern European Socialist animation.


from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia:

Ubu Roi was the basis for Jan Lenica's animated film Ubu et la grande gidouille (1976) and was later adapted into Jane Taylor's "Ubu and the Truth Commission" (1998), a play critical of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission formed in response to the atrocities committed during Apartheid. Ubu Roi was also adapted for the film Ubu Król 2003 by Piotr Szulkin, highlighting the grotesque nature of political life in Poland immediately after the fall of communism.

Inspired by the black comedy of corruption within Ubu Roi, the Puerto Rican absurdist narrative "United States of Banana" by Giannina Braschi, dramatizes, with over-the-top grotesque flourishes known to pataphysics, the fall of the American Empire and the liberation of Puerto Rico.[10]

Ubu Roi has been translated most recently by David Ball in the Norton Anthology of Drama (2010), and performed at the University of Virginia the same year; and by Sherry CM Lindquist, an adaptation of whose version was performed in Chicago, at The Public Theater in New York, at the International Festival Of Puppet Theater and at the Edison Theater, St. Louis, Missouri, by Hystopolis Productions, Chicago, from 1996 to '97.

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