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06 November 2012

The USA election (Tuesday 6 November)

Click campaign poster of Ulysses Simpson Grant to enlarge.
Vleeptron's readers know that

* Vleeptron LOVES politics -- ordinarily we can't stuff our politics-whack self with enough delicious
politics, USA politics, Mexico, Canada politics, Abkhazia politics, Euro politics ...

* Vleeptron has barely posted a whisper about the USA elections which take place on Tuesday 6 November

... which is arguably the most important election on Earth -- the biggest Binding Public Will Event in
the Demosphere. Whatever the outcome, it will be sending and shaping waves and vibrations throughout the World Human Community for the next decade, or longer.

Of the vote for President of the United States for the next 4 years. the federal Constitution will either give Barack Obama 4 more years as President (after which he must leave office); or give Mitt Romney his first 4 years as President (with option to ask voters for another 4 years).

Barack Obama is a Democrat, and as president, is regarded the leader of the Democratic Party.

Mitt Romney is the competitor who won the majority of Republican Party state polls, and thus became nominee of the Republican Party. Romney's highest prior elected office was Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007).

Historically, serving or former state governors are common sources for Presidents. U.S. Senators are another common source. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the lower House of Representivies (from Illinois). Several of Romney's competitors were serving or former members of the House of Representatives, one a former Speaker of the House.

One republican presidential hopeful had been CEO of a large pizzeria chain, but then the media said the married man had a mistress. He couldn't get back on focus with his Plan for America after that.

Obama had been a U.S. Senator from Illinois before he won the brutal primary gauntlet and received the nomination of the Democratic Party. His last hurdle was defeating Hillary Clinton. That must have been scary.

(The USA has other nationwide parties, but they are mathematically trivial and fringe. Neither large party is ever forced to seek or accept  a coalition of any little parties in order to construct a functioning cabinet and government. All parties except the Republicans and the Democrates are, essentially, given the privilege to make noise, after which their influence on USA politics collapses or evaporates forever.)

I have no idea how many people (or Silicon-Based entities) read Vleeptron, but I hope a few of them have wondered how Vleeptron will vote Tuesday.

One popular Election Day strategy is the write-in candidate vote, your handwritten vote for President Donald Duck (a traditionally popular voter choice).

When Michael Bloomberg won his most recent re-election for Mayor of New York City, the write-in candidate who received the most votes -- several thousand -- was Montgomery J. Burns. Leave A Comment. Say anything. You can talk about the World Series (besbol), or tip us to who looks good in the World Cup.

But notice that when American voters get to choose, they tend to go for cartoon characters -- honest, truthful cartoons, not wildly flawed and neurotic human beings impersonating cartoon figures for a year.

For decades, Americans often saw [ ] GUS HALL on many state ballots. Burn in a tiny northern Minnesota town, Gus (his parents were immigrants from Suomi/Finland) eventually became president of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and gave folks the chance (slim to none) to elect America's first Communist president. Gus and his running mates (vice-president candidate) were, in my lifetime, The Acid Test for being an American Non-Conformist. Several had spent serious time behind bars, and in shackles, usually for federal Mouth Crimes. (Although one of Gus' running mates stood trial for smuggling firearms to prisoners who used them in a violent escape attenpt. The jury found her Not Guilty, and she is now a tenured history professor at the University of California.)

Another perpetual seeker of the White House is Lyndon Larouche, whose last Big Stinky Mess was in the first year of the explosive populist movement usually called the Tea Party (named for the anti-government mob destruction of highly taxed tea in Boston Harbor in 1775). Larouche also did serious federal time, for non-payment of federal income tax.

This year's Hot Fringe Candidate is U.S. Member of Congress Ron Paul, Republican (though the Republican Party often denies this affiliation) from Texas. In Congress, Ron's nickname is Doctor No, because throughout his long career, he votes NO on any bill calling for any expenditure of any amount of federal money. Ron's Day Job is as a gynecologist/obstretician. (His Congress web bio says he has delivered thousands of babies.)

More later. In a few hours I'll go down to Town Hall and (without having to provide any identification documents, we do it all on the honor system here) will receive my ballot, and then I'll go into a little private booth and vote, with a pen or a pencil.

Massachusetts has a Question that will uhhhh facilitate suicide or euthenasia ... very advanced, very Euro. It seems creepy to me. 

But the current laws regarding our choices and freedoms at life's end are also quite creepy.  But I think I'm voting NO.

Also I'm voting for Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senator.

Oh shit, whatever you do, don't vote for Romney. (He wears holy magic underpants, but that's not why you shouldn't vote for him.)

Leave A Comment about the USA Election if you still have unexpressed thoughts and feeling for it. I personally hope All Career Professional Politicians should be to tossed into the crater of an erupting violent volcano, or drawn and quartered.



Landscape Windscreen said...

Bugger the election, but thanks for the informative article. Two Korporate Klowns with Big Words, one on the left, one on the right (or so they say), both for Big Business instead of the Common Man. If you need a gazillion dollars to run for the job then summet is not right here, at least to me.

(Yerp likes Quinn The Eskimo btw)

Assisted suicide has been an issue here in CH for a long time and in some Cantons it is actually legal but the controversy around it is massive.
I am reluctant because I have not yet reached an age where this is an issue for me, but under certain circumstances I could imagine that I would say yes.

Let’s assume that you are suffering from a terminal illness like Alzheimers or good ol’ Parkie in Final Stage or are in such pain while being forced to stay in a hospital bed and your life quality is not likely to improve any time soon. Should people not have an option to Pull The Plug ? The Right To Choose ?
Of course the issue is complicated and has many facettes, but as I have said under certain circumstances it would be an option....

Anonymous said...

Son2 and I walked across the street to Romney's voting place and cancelled out Mitt and Ann's votes.
Romney is from Michigan and lives in MA, NH and CA - all of which voted against him. As for his hometown(?) of Belmont, MA he captured 33.5% of the vote.
Anyone that couldn't clearly distinguish between the candidates for the presidency was not paying attention. Romney is one scarey character who shouldn't be left alone with his grandchildren.