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02 December 2014

PIZZAQ! 1st Day Issue / Postalö Vleeptron: flying purple people eater (Monocornus yobbiensis) of Planet Yobbo

Click to enlarge.

This is the flying purple people eater (Monocornus yobbiensis) of Planet Yobbo.

Very Old people may recall that in the previous millennium, a USA novelty singer had a huge analog vinyl 45 rpm smash with "(One Horned One Eyed Flying) Purple People Eater." Yobbos love this Earth song and named their very rare and adorable indigenous creature after it.

Okay, I'm lying. That's all just crap.

But if it's not the flying purple people eater of Yobbo, what is it? (English-language name, and Latin taxonomy name.)

And where can I find 1 or 2 or more of it?

And anything else you may know about this rare and adorable creature.
See? I've already sneaked in 2 hints. What more do you want?

1 Large Pizza with hummus and cuscous for 1st sufficiently correct answer.

Photo credit supplied after somebody wins the Pizza.


Anonymous said...

Bob, you bring me back. In second grade at Halloween, my mom mace me a helmet out of tinfoil, tapedon a horn from a paper towel roll, and spray painted it purple. I walked around in a circle with my classmates and ended up with a shiny new silver dollar for "Most Creative" for being the Purple People Eater.

Great hearing from you


Mike Stone said...

Hm, I could answer that, but I'm very tired today. My son was up with nightmares, and it was a very long time before the Sand man visited us last night. I'm much too tired to name this cat. I'm just looking forward to tonight, when I can go home, sit on my couch, and have a margarita or two.

LandscapeWindscreen said...

Bloody hell yes, maybe even a Pizza with the same name as the drink......and Mike could enjoy his Margueritas with this....

Bob, Google has an image search engine these days, coming up with PizzaQs is getting harder these days I am afraid.....

Vleeptron Dude said...

Yeah, I knew Mike = Smart, but I couldn't figure out how he bagged the Pizza so easy.

Amazing the tek advancements that Google has made, and how Google keeps me safe by sharing all my urls and isp with the US NSA.

Vleeptron has already recommended using the StartPage (meta-) search engine as your default. StartPage doesn't keep or store your isp or your search terms, so if the joint gets raided by the Secret Fuzz, they got nothing to seize or hose up. StartPage won a big Privacy Award from the EU.

I know a guy who says if you make a big fuss about privacy, you probably have Bad Stuff to hide. Contrariwise, if you are a Good Citizen with Nothing to Hide, you don't mind living your Virtual Life in the Digital Nude inside a house made entirely of Silicon Dioxide.

What hath Google wrought? O Brave New World, that hath such algorithms in it!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Jim i am glad i was able to wallow you in ancient childhood nostalgia. Nothing so toxicly saccharine as a stroll down Memory Lane to Vinyl 45rpm Analogland . Perhaps if we end up in a nice Assisted Living Facility, they will play Purple People Eater over the Muzak 24/7.

Hey Anonymous Jim, r u RevJJ or some entirely different Jim? (There are 3 or 4 other Jims on Earth, 8 on Vleeptron, 6 on Hoon, etc.)

Mike Stone said...

I actually didn't do an image search to look it up (though I probably would have if it wasn't so easy to find it anyway). I just searched for the words "cat" and "desert" on Google. The "desert" part was just a guess based on the picture that paid off.

Vleeptron Dude said...

ah okay well you were certainly right to use the desert in the background as a clue -- i think this desert is the world-famous Desert Of Cincinatti Ohio. I'll look up the exact Zoo Desert again. He doesn't look happy, but he's safer there than in his natural habitat where there are now like 8 more of him and her.