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18 April 2017

CRUMMY OLD WINE DEPARTMENT: Faux Needlepoint Sampler next to inside of front door to remember all the stuff I need when I go out

....................... Click, maybe positive things happen.

I forgot all the work I'd put into this thing.

...."ye Deville makes work for idle hands."

It's in an old wooden frame hung on the wall next to my front door. The wallpaper is "Strawberry Thief" by the English designer and radical socialist William Morris. You can still buy William Morris wallpaper. If you hang it in your bedroom, it's the last thing you'll see before you fall asleep.

Winter is finally over (Thank God!!!),
but this Sampler is Winter-specific. I don't need all these things in Spring and Summer. When I leave home in the morning in a hurry, at one time or another I've forgotten almost every one of these things, and later far from home it pisses me off that I don't have it. So this is a last-minute checklist. 

But it's disguised as a "God Bless Our Humble Home" wall sampler so it won't scream to visitors that an old forgetful feeb (who was always a bit absent-minded) lives here.

If you're curious about any item, Leave A Comment. (If I forget to bring a few of them, I could Drop Dead or wind up in the ER.)

Since my remarkably successful cataract surgeries, I don't need reading GLASSES anymore. And I just noticed that I don't take SMOX with me ... I must have designed this after I finally stopped smoking cigarettes!

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