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08 April 2017

Trump & his Suicide-Vest Inner White House Circle / "Trump the Destroyer" by Matt Taibbi (not here, you got to click to read it) / Trump ♥ Bill O'Reilly

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Vleeptron Dude could not restrain theyselves from filching these astonishing illustrations from RS1282 (Rolling Stone magazine 6 April 2017). Victor Juhasz's renderings of Donald Janfu Trump and his suicide-bomb-vest inner White House circle are the most brilliant RS drawings since Ralph Steadman's illustrations of Richard Nixon (and everything, including Steadman's "Alice in Wonderland") that complemented Hunter S. Thompson's Rolling Stone "gonzo" reportage circa 1972+.

But VD won't be evil and filch Matt Taibbi's cover story "Trump the Destroyer." If you want to read every word of it, click above. Then read every word of it.

Agence-Vleeptron Presse notes that "Trump the Destroyer" was published a day or two before Trump sent 59 Tomahawk missiles (60, but one fizzled out en route) to destroy chemical weapons (believed to be sarin gas) in Syria. So everything you thought about President Donald Janfu Trump last week is wrong. This week the Insane Clown President is the Saviour Of The Universe. (He became Our Saviour within hours of vocalizing his friendship and admiration for Bill O'Reilly, star of Fox News Channel.)

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