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14 September 2007

Ramadan Kareem / Ramadan 1428 AH / 2007 AD begins

Click map for larger.

Photograph, by nascity, of part of a Sura of the Koran, the name of Allah clear in the center. nascity made everyone guess which Sura it was, dozens tried, eventually somebody guessed right. So everyone's invited to guess the Sura here, too.

BOTTOM: Map showing the start of Ramadan 1428 AH / 2007 AD throughout the world -- the sighting of a particular crescent phase of the Moon. In the USA, Canada and most of Europe, Ramadan began on Thursday 13 September. In Spain, Morocco, Pakistan and India, it began Friday. From the Islamic Crescents' Observation Project website promoted and maintained by Mohammad Odeh, Member of The Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) and The Emirates Astronomical Society (EAS).

1 comment:

Abbas Halai said...

hey man khair mubarak. as far as guessing the sura goes, there aren't that many letters in the image to be able to make a coherent guess.

it's like me making an image like this.

a j
k abbas r

and asking me to guess the sura because all i can read are single letters around the word Allah and that's about it.

i'm from a very small, orthodox community that doesn't follow the sighting of the moon the mark the beginning of ramadan, instead we just use a fixed scientific lunar calendar unlike every other islamic community.