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20 September 2007

What Uncle Conrad is doing down in the basement

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From time to time I've mentioned the List I hang on of amateur ionizing radiation enthusiasts and hobbyists. Why should governments and Los Alamos physicists and radiologists have all the fun? Are we not men? Do we not love gizmos? Have we not basements and garages?

Here's a guy what cobbled together a variety of discarded dental X-ray and old shoe-store foot fluoroscope machines, and then imaged a mouse -- I sincerely hope a dead one. In correspondence with the Academy describing his Experiments, he claims the whole rig is Street Legal -- I guess he means under US federal laws.

This is what the parts of a mouse that are opaque to X-rays look like on silver-based photographic film. Or maybe genuine medical/dental X-ray film. Maybe you don't need a license to buy medical X-ray film. And why should you? It's just film, like the Fuji stuff in your old vacation camera that you take to Six Flags Over Dakota.

And you don't have to take a snooty, expensive college textbook's word for it. You can image the insides of a mouse all by yourself down in the basement.

They said I was mad! They laughed at me! Then my wife made me take out the trash and empty the dishwasher! Then she told me it was time for dinner! Hahahahahahaha!

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Jim Olson said...

I can just imagine that Big Government would be Very Upset if they discovered that people actually like to do stuff like this Without Government Funding.