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22 March 2008

Saturday afternoon e-mail to manager of our local Public Radio station WFCR

Click! She gets BIGGER!

WFCR, whose studios are located on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is our local National Public Radio affiliate FM station.

On Saturday afternoons S.W.M.B.O. and I have become habituated to listening to its broadcast of a very funny quiz show called "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," which regularly features famous journalists, politicians, musicians, comedians, entertainment figures, and other very smart, accomplished and funny people in the news.

The Opera today is "Tristan und Isolde."


Martin Miller, General Manager

Hi --

This is the second recent time you have pre-empted "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" for a Wagner opera.

I know I'm old, but are we the last living people who get creeped out by Wagner? Has he become all Warm & Fuzzy with Gen-X and the iPod People?

As I grow increasingly senile, I find myself very much enjoying this very funny, witty, sometimes even brilliant live current-events quiz show. And I sure like it a lot better than Wagner.

Your website schedule says "WWDTM" is being broadcast now. It's not, not on your Webcasts or over the air.

I've just cruised the educational/public band for Any Other Station broadcasting "WWDTM." No luck, but the NPR website says I can hear it over the Web at 2 pm.

Which we will be doing this afternoon, rather than listening to Wagner on WFCR.

I know it's not Wagner's fault he was Hitler's favorite opera composer. How could the nice fellow possibly know? Thanks for your efforts to make him popular and beloved again.


Bob Merkin


Jim Olson said...

WBUR plays WWDTM every Satyrday at Noon.

( over the internets.

Tristan und Isolde is much better.

Vleeptron Dude said...


Direct comparisons between "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and "Tristan und Isolde" are, for a variety of reasons, somewhat difficult. But after "Car Talk" every Saturday (which never gets pre-empted on WFCR), we are both all psyched up for WWDTM, and then lately Seigfried and die Valkyrie start screaming instead.

Maureen Dowd was the phone-link guest today and talked about George Bush doing a public tap-dance or soft shoe routine outside the White House while he waited for John McCain to show up so he could endorse him. Later that day at a public appearance Bush sang a country-western tune. Dowd wrote that all the press was wondering what substance was making Bush happier and happier as the War in Iraq celebrates its 5th Anniversary and the US economy careens into a Recession or maybe even the D word. They wanted some of it.

In her column she described Bush's "Gene Kelly impersonation," and received a letter from Gene Kelly's widow, which said:

"I knew Gene Kelly, and George Bush is no Gene Kelly."

Vleeptron Dude said...

Happy Easter again!

We'll be having Easter supper at the Whately Inn, which is where we had our wedding reception. On our wedding invitations I made a map to get guests from Look Park to the Whately Inn, and it prominently features The Castaways, where you have to take a left turn.

I don't know if you know this, but we'd both been up on our wedding day from dawn and by the time the ceremony ended, we were so starving that we stopped on the way to the reception to have our first meal as a married couple: chili dogs at Tom's Long Dogs on Route 5. SWMBO had to eat hers arched way out over the parking lot, she was still in her bridal gown. Now every Anniversary we go to Tom's Long Dogs and have a chili dog. said...

What exactly you're writing is a horrible mistake.