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21 March 2008

When the radical priest come to get us released we was all on the cover of Newsweek

Why yes, I think you should click on the image.


Okay, very sorry for the Senior Moment, but the above poster is by the spectacular underground cartoonist Rick Griffin.

An educational pamphlet distributed by the Catholic Library Service in
1938. Josef Stalin appears to have a tentacle in Canada, which would explain their universal health-care insurance to all without regard of ability to pay for health and life. The image was on a website companion to a history course about the Vietnam War era, popular culture, drugs, free love, hippies, student radicalism, Jimi Hendrix, etc., the course taught at California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) in San Luis Obispo.

I won't tell you what the poster says, you have to squint and figure it out for yourself.

Filched stuff from the site:

The Vietnam War
by Jimmy Cliff

Vietnam Vietnam
Yesterday I got a letter
From my friend fighting in Vietnam
And this is what he had to say:
Tell all my friends that I'll be coming home soon
My time'll be up sometime soon
Don't forget, he said, to tell my sweet Mary
Her golden lips as sweet as cherries
And it came from Vietnam Vietnam

It was just the next day
His mother got a telegram
It was addressed from Vietnam
Now Mistress Brown she lives in the USA
And this is what she wrote to say:
Don't be alarmed, she told me the telegram said,
But Mistress Brown, your son is dead
And it came from Vietnam Vietnam
Somebody please stop that war now


Percentage of (USA) students who agreed with the statement "The war in
Vietnam is pure imperialism":

1969 16%
1970 41%

Percentage of (USA) students calling themselves "radical" or "far

1968 4%
1969 8%
1970 11%


Extrapolating a little crudely, if they hadn't pulled the plug on the Vietnam War (in 1974), and we were still fighting it today (McCain's vision of the USA's strategy in Iraq), 140.5 percent of USA students would call themselves radical or far left. That percentage isn't as ridiculous as it seems; after the first 15 years or so, a few older people and non-students might also start looking in the mirror and getting pinker and redder.

McCain says we should stay in Iraq for 100 years if that's what it takes to achieve victory. I'm really sorry about his P.O.W. experience (maybe the USA should abide by the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War, you fucking dummy!), but the guy is totally fried and demented in his brain. Under the McCain Plan, the United States will achieve victory in Iraq when McCain is 171 years old.

Hmmm it's the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the War in Iraq, and we've just about hit 4000 US military deaths. Wonder if America's growing a little pinker and a little more red and a little more pissed off. Are American women going to stop wearing brasierres again? Will the music get better and more original and talented and exciting and less commercial again? Will we start dressing outlandishly again because the government is insane and killing the young and poor people, and we really don't give a fuck about signing on to the Federal Lifetime Plan? Will LSD make a big comeback? Will young people stop practicing abstinence and start banging their brains out again like they did in the '60s? Bellbottoms? Paisley? Long hair? Beaded headbands? Students for a Democratic Society? When the radical priest come to get us released we was all on the cover of Newsweek.


Jim Olson said...

Highly doubtful. Americans are too self-obsessesd today. It will only be until there are rations for things like steel and food, so that there are no more Lexuses and McDonalds that America will really take notice of the fact that this Republican administration has completely bankrupted us, financially and morally.

It is sad.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Depression accomplishes nothing. Anger is a creative force for positive change. (Freeman Dyson, "Disturbing the Universe.")

Don't sell American Youth short, the era just preceeding the Vietnam protests was the most conformist crewcut other-directed obedient generation of kids in the 20th century.

Here in Northampton I am sorry to report that Wendy's on King Street has gone belly-up and is being morphed into our first KFC partnered with Taco Bell.

A couple of Popes ago, the Guy in the Red Suit talked about Supermaterialism and pointed out that the more outlandishly expensive material crap you gorge yourself on, the less happy it makes you, the less satisfied you are. Of course it's an excellent plan to anesthetize Americans with material crap ... but that excellent plan was already in super-TV-high gear in 1967 when a gazillion American kids stopped getting haircuts and took off their clothes and, though they still liked cars, all bought rusted out 2nd hand VW microbuses and took acid to get inspired on a paint scheme for the VW bus.

I just bought a whole bunch of books, Dover was having a big on-line sale.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey Dude (see footnote below)! HAPPY EASTER!

* I had a long interview with a very young nurse at Cooley Dickinson, and she kept calling me Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir and finally I said:

"Look. I KNOW I'm old. But when you keep incessantly calling me 'Sir,' it really makes me FEEL old."

She looked a little confused, but only for a second. Then she said, "Okay, Dude."

Now whenever she sees me in the hallways of CDH she waves, "Hey Dude!" It just makes me So Happy.


patfromch said...

Paul McCartney, definetly one of the most influential people in the 60s claimed that the 60s never happened, they are just around the corner. i hope so, the music was much better. The kids are on alert, have you heard about the demonstrations on TV ? maybe it was outfoxed in your part of the world but swiss tv definetly broadcasted pictures of demonstrations against the war yesterday.

Ah nostalgia...your poster reminded me of 2 things. this one from
called Inside A Communist Cell

and there are videos of hendrix from the very same night on youtube.

will this war be ended by the next adimistation ? i got me doubts, a very sad day in any case