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30 June 2008

PizzaQ! What's creeping across Australia and can't be stopped???

Hope this wiggles for you, it wiggled for me.

PizzaQ, 3 slices with anchovies!

What's creeping across Australia and can't be stopped?

1 extra slice, cheese only: Where did it come from?

* * *

The Blob

by Burt Bacharach
theme from movie "The Blob"
(1958, starring Steve McQueen)
Sung by "The Five Blobs"
Orchestration by Mac David

Beware of The Blob!

It creeps
And leaps
And glides
And slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch
A blotch
Be careful of The Blob!

(repeat lyrics 4 times)


patfromch said...

I know that, I have been there, so it would be unfair.....but I am going to tell you a few nice stories about those Bastards once someone sold the PizzaQ, for I have heard some while being Dewn unda, crikey mate she aint NO beauty.......
Middle Europeans who have been to the Adria (Italy or former yugoslavia side) should also sorra be able to know what Bob is after.....

Anonymous said...

Toads. Best Uwe

Amy said...

Bunnies? :)