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04 June 2008

Vleeptron's Got The Awesome Rad Phat Bitchin Un-Shabby Tunes of TOMORROW!

Puppet created by Ellen Rixford for a television advertisement. The new medication promises the patient a freer lifestyle, symbolized by the scissoring of his strings.

As everyone on Vleeptron and Earth is fully aware, if you want to hear Tomorrow's Hottest Sounds, Vleeptron is The Place.

Any website can steer you to TODAY'S hottest music. (btw Amy Winehouse will not be prosecuted for her latest alleged outrage against Decency & Public Order, and will headline this summer's Glastonbury Festival -- the annual Stonehenge Mudflop.)

But only Vleeptron has the Links To the Astonishing Revolutionary Sounds of Tomorrow that we'll all soon be raving and moshing to.

You're going to need that QuickTime audio player thing. You probably already have it. Unmute your speakers.

[ C ] [ D ] and [ E ] will take you to a menu in which you can select your own musical instrument, tempo, values of attack, sustain and decay, etc. Then you can [PLAY] the tune.

They are musical representations of Integer Sequences, from the vast collection in AT&T's

Play around with your favorite or entirely new and unfamiliar Integer Sequences, click LISTEN, and then you can menu-choose your favorite instrument (my favorite is the Celesta), attack, sustain, decay, tempo, etc. In other words, you can mix these tunes any way you like. And then download them to a Flash Card, hang it around your neck, and awe the downtown crowd at the Hot Hot Music Event this Saturday Night. You can become the world famous DJ Def Nerd.

All this music is Untouched By Human Hands -- they are composed entirely by Nature, from the patterns of pure mathematics, or by DNA nucleoside patterns -- Redwood trees, endangered fish, etc. [A] and [B] are compositions from natural patterns created by the composer and music educator Jonathan Middleton, who also has fancy do-it-yourself Music Mix software on his site, Musical Algorithms.

And some of this shit is GREAT to dance to!


patfromch said...

C and D are not working neither in Safari, nor in bloody IE. Apart from that it sounds cool, reminds me of the Twilight Zone soundtrack at times. i need to toy around with that site someday.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Okay, try [C] and [D] again. This time you'll go to a menu page, leave it the way it is, or change any of the values, then click [PLAY].

David Lehman said...

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-- DL