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25 January 2009

animated .gifs of gears, clockwork (all filched) / hope they wiggle 4 u


ajay said...

Er zijn veel animatiefilms over de jaren en dit is niet Te verwarren met de Meer gebruikte stop animatie. Model animatie is een vorm van de stop-motion animatie, maar het is ontworpen Om Te fuseren aan bij de live gifs action beelden Om een illusie van een echte wereld volgorde te maken. Dus wat zijn de beste die ooit gemaakt

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya ajay!

Courtesy Google robot translator:


There are many cartoons over the years and this is not to be confused with the more used stop animation. Model animation is a form of stop-motion animation, but it is designed to merge with the live action images gifs For a real illusion of a world order it. So what are the best ever made


You got an Indian name and you write in Dutch. You live in Palumpur, which is about as far north into the Himalayas as you can get in India without crossing the dotted line into Tibet.

What's the story here? If you're Dutch -- well, you REALLY got disoriented and lost!

My Dutch really sucks, nobody in NL will speak Dutch to me. "What is the point?" they all say.

But I know who Kwik, Kwek en Kwak are!

ajay, see if you can crank out your thoughts in English. If you're really in India, you should have a few neighbors who speak English, ask one of them to help with a little translation.

Who are you? Where are you? What are you? Are you an animator? Where can I look at your stuff?

Bob van Vleeptron