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03 January 2009

Save the Clement Street Iron Bridge!

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Gonna grind out a few hundred of these fliers -- in the style of the colonial New England broadside -- and tape 'em up all over town. In the middle of the night, in the dark, furtively.

If somebody -- the dumb useless Mayor and her Flunky Comatose City Council -- doesn't get their ass in gear and fix and save this Bridge, it's just going to be allowed to rot until the state highway department says it's beyond repair and must be torn down.

And replaced with some undistinguished piece of modern shit.

Save the beautiful bridge now!

* * *

Repair and re-open the Clement Street Iron Bridge.

For 111 years, this beautiful one-lane wrought-iron bridge over the Mill River kept families and neighbors connected, and increased Northampton's commerce and prosperity.

Today the Bridge is a useless, rusting nuisance and eyesore.

Each day the Bridge is open, 15,000 neighbors quickly and conveniently reach their workplaces, schools, shops, homes and health providers.

In every season, each practical trip is a beautiful journey through forest, farm, mountains and villages.

The Bridge is a keystone of our infrastructure, and a treasure of nature and rare architecture.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Bob. Nest of luck with your campaign.

Happy New Year (La multi ani) and many cirnati from Romania. Old and New Yurrup would like to congratulate you on your new Prez. All, that is, except the idiot "political commentators" on Romanian TV who uttered the immortal words "Romania has always fared better under a Republican administration". I think they meant that under Bush and his ilk there were more wars and a greater need for Romanian bases for U.S. troops.

Bst Chris

twolegsnotail said...

cher Monsieur Bob,

I second Chris, your Clement Street Bridge campaign is as worthy as they come. We Americans have already lost far too many historic local gorgeosities not to mention one of the world's finest train networks. Why undercover of darkness? Bars, restaurants, bakeries, churches, the library, food shops are where you should get the leaflets to. Keep us posted and Happy New Year.

Mary Jensen and twolegsnotail