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01 January 2009

INSERT COIN TO THROW SHOES AT PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH / "It is the farewell kiss, you dog!"

Click image, gets bigger.

Okay, I am Copyrighting and Patenting this Video Game

(C)(tm)(R) 2009 by Robert Merkin
All Rights Reserved

so now all I have to do is learn C++ and write the code. But this is going to make me rich. Particularly in the Arab and Muslim world, this sucker is going to be an Arcade Smash from Baghdad to Jakarta.

But don't sell the European and the North and South American market short -- throwing your shoes at George Bush's head is going to be a Big Hit all over Planet Earth.

If you hit his head with both your shoes, you get a Bonus Shoe, so if you're really good at throwing shoes, you can rack up a very big score.

If the new free sovereign democratic government of Iraq ever lets Muntazer al-Zaidi out of prison and the jail guards stop beating the crap out of him, I'll make him a partner in the Video Game -- I couldn't have done this without him, and I need him for the Voice Talent, so the game can scream, in Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish, Ladino, Yiddish, Italian, Suomi, etc.:

"It is the farewell kiss,
you dog!"


Reuters / Thomson Reuters
newswire UK
Tuesday 30 December 2008

Trial delayed for Iraqi
who threw shoes at Bush

by Ahmed Rasheed

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- The trial of an Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush in Baghdad has been postponed pending an appeal over whether the incident amounted to an assault, his lawyer said on Wednesday.

TV journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi is charged with assault against a foreign head of state, which could carry a 15-year prison term, after he hurled both his shoes at Bush during a joint news conference with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki this month and called him a dog.

Zaidi's lawyer Dhiaa al-Saadi told Reuters the defense was appealing to have the charge reduced to insulting a visiting head of state, which would carry a two-year maximum sentence, because throwing shoes could not have put Bush in actual danger.

"Have you ever heard of anyone being killed by a shoe?" al-Saadi said.

"In Europe, they throw eggs and rotten tomatoes to insult. In Iraq, throwing a shoe is a symbol of disrespect."

Iraqi High Judicial Council spokesman Abdul Satar Birqadr said Zaidi's appeal request would be examined, resulting in a delay in the trial which was to have begun on Wednesday.

"Due to a legal appeal presented by defendant Muntazer al-Zaidi's lawyers to the Federal Appeal Court, the case has been referred to this court for study," Birqadr said in a statement. "Therefore, the Central Criminal Court has adjourned the case pending (its) ruling."

U.S.-backed Maliki has condemned the outburst, which made Zaidi an icon in Iraq and the Middle East. Public sympathy for the shoe-thrower means Maliki may wish to avoid a tough punishment being imposed on Zaidi ahead of provincial elections next month.

The trial will be closely watched for signs of unfair treatment. The defendant's lawyer has said his client was severely beaten following the incident.

Two brothers who have visited Zaidi in prison in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone compound say he bears signs of having been abused, including a missing tooth, and bruises on his arms and legs.

His lawyer also says Zaidi was initially denied legal representation.

(Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed; Writing by Tim Cocks; Editing by Sami Aboudi)

- 30 -

© Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved.


Aljazeera (TV news, Qatar)
Wednesday 17 December 2008
16:31 Mecca time / 13:31 GMT

Bush shoe-thrower 'tortured'

[image:] The two shoes narrowly missed the US president as he gave a news conference in Baghdad.

An Iraqi journalist arrested after throwing his shoes at the US president has been tortured during his detention, his brother has said.

Muntazer al-Zaidi, who called George Bush "a dog" during his attack, was beaten by security guards after his arrest, Durgham al-Zaidi told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

"We know that [Muntazer] has been tortured and his hand was broken. I asked them to go and check on him in the Green Zone [in Baghdad]," he said.

Al-Baghdadia television, Muntazer's employer, reported that al-Zaidi had been "seriously injured" while in custody.

The channel has urged the Iraqi government to allow lawyers and the Iraqi Red Crescent [Muslim affiliate of Red Cross] to visit him.

The Iraqi military has denied that al-Zaidi has been mistreated while in detention.

'Handed to judiciary'

Al-Zaidi has admitted "aggression against a president" during an appearance before a judge, a judicial spokesman said on Tuesday.

"Al-Zaidi was brought today before the investigating judge in the presence of a defence lawyer and a prosecutor," Abdul Satar Birqadr, a spokesman for Iraq's High Judicial Council, said.

"He admits the action he carried out."

The referral of the case to the Iraqi judiciary is usually the first stage of review proceedings that could lead to a criminal trial being held.

Al-Zaidi will remain in custody until the judge has completed his investigation, Birqadr said.

The court may send him for trial under a clause in the Iraqi penal code that makes it an offence to try to murder Iraqi or foreign presidents.

The sentence could be up to 15 years jail, Birqadr said.

Support for attack

Al-Zaidi's attack on Bush, who ordered the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, has been met with broad support across the Arab world.

Iraqis calling for al-Zaidi's release from custody held a second day of protests on Tuesday, with hundreds of students marching in Baghdad.

The demonstrations came a day after thousands of people turned out in Baghdad's Sadr City in a show of support for al-Zaidi.

But the Iraqi government on Monday called al-Zaidi's outburst against Bush a "barbaric and ignominious act".

The outgoing US leader, who was making a surprise visit to Baghdad, had just told reporters that while the war in Iraq was not over "it is decisively on its way to being won," when al-Zaidi hurled abuse - and his footwear - at Bush.

Bush, who had been giving a joint press statement with Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, ducked behind a podium as the shoes narrowly missed his head.

In Arab culture, showing the soles of the feet is a sign of contempt and the shoe-throwing incident is a reminder of the widespread opposition to the US-led invasion.

Bush's visit to the Iraqi capital came just 37 days before he hands the presidency over to Barack Obama, who has vowed to withdraw troops from Iraq.

- 30 -

Number of comments : 27

Australia 17/12/2008

Barbaric and ignominious act?

So if throwing a shoe is a barbaric and ignominious act that could incur in a 15 year jail term, then what should the continuous death of civilian by US forces be called? Get real Mr. Nuri al-Maliki. Stop being a puppet and do the right thing. Stand by your people!

Lawrence Muhammad
United States 17/12/2008

VOTE Al-Zaidi in 2009 Iraq Election - Test Democracy


Afghanistan 17/12/2008


cowards, Mr. Zadi is a hero.

United States 17/12/2008

Free al-Zaidi-he had no serious intent to injure

May this brave man be freed. He carried an important message to Bush and the world - you cannot carry out practices that kill or injure innocents, you cannot simply destroy - that the ends do not justify the means. Everyone knew there were no WMDs. Bush had his own reasons. If he had concern for Iraq, he would have first tried communication and diplomacy. Someone had to make this statement for Iraqis, when the thick wall of protection for Bush could be penetrated so Bush could face the truth

Canada 17/12/2008

[B]ush shoe-thrower tortured

"Al-Zaidi's attack on Bush, who ordered the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, has been met with broad support across the Arab world." This should say/read: Al-Zaidi's attack on Bush, who ordered the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, which brought death and destruction to its innocent people has been met with broad support across the world.

hookin bull
Afghanistan 17/12/2008

Bush shoe-thrower tortured

It is way to bad this person is being held and charged. I wished the [Philadelphia USA baseball team] Phillies would hire him to pitch for them. The only thing he did wrong was miss hitting Bush's knucklehead.

Canada 17/12/2008

Release al-Zaidi

C'mon!! Mr. al-Zaidi was a man obviously acting with legitimate outrage! Even the U.S. President, Mr. Bush had a sense of humour about it. It certainly was not ideal, but Mr. al-Zaidi had every right to his outburst! TORTURE!!! Habeus-corpus! Produce the body!!! He threw his shoes he did not fire a bullet! We want to see the condition of Mr. al-Zaidi! Let us see the man!

Sweden 17/12/2008

Al-Zaidi investigation

In the days of Saddam only those considerd enemys of the regime had to fear for there lives. Now everyone in Iraq is at risk being killd mutelated etc, at any moment...The man(Bush)who is responsible for this situation is indeed much lower than a pair of shoes ... Al-Zaidi should be freed and hounord. I just feel sorry for the dog being compered with Bush ... even dogs are better than a creature like Bush...

Richard, OIF Veteran
United States 17/12/2008

Muntazer al-Zaidi

If Durgham al-Zaidi says that his brother was tortured, does that make it true? My family and I are Middle Eastern-Americans and I have travelled throughout the region much of my life. I was in Iraq recently and spoke to Iraqi's throughout Al-Anbar. I don't recall too many Iraqis sharing Muntazar al-Zaidi's sentiments. Most Iraqi's ... yes, Sunnis too ... appear to be glad to have been shed of the yoke of Saddam Hussein, and happy to be rid of al-Qaeda leaders too.

United States 17/12/2008

Throwing the shoes at a world leader demonstrate that the Iraqi are still not ready for democracy. They think with their heart instead of their head.

Canada 17/12/2008

bush shoe thrower

Iraqis should be thankful for the billions of tax dollars that they got for free and help to get there democracy back.Trowing shoes is not a answer to there problem. Wish you luck guys and happy holidays.

United States 17/12/2008

This is a hero?

Why is this shoe throwing fool still called a journalist? A journalist job is to remain impartial and report, not act like a child. This moron just set Iraqi journalism back and perpetuated the Arab stereo type of an uncultured society. And about the torture, I'm sure this will be blamed on Bush too. Ironically, if it was Saddam he threw shoes at he would be dead now.

United States 17/12/2008

Shoe Thrower

There are many of us here in the United States who sincerely hope that Mr. al-Zaidi will be released without further harm. He is not only a hero in the Middle East but also here where we would like this shoe throwing thing to catch on. The main stream media in the United States have never displayed such courage and perhaps al-Zaidi will serve as a better role model. We thought President Bush looked pretty agile though, ducking to avoid the size 10's.

United States 18/12/2008

Muntazer al-Zaidi

Well, the Maliki puppet government ought to know very well what constitutes "barbaric and ignominious act[s]". I think that it is shameful for the Maliki puppet government to imprison and injure an Iraqi citizen for telling the truth. There are many here in the US who think Mr. al-Zaidi deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his actions. Tonight in San Francisco there will be a vigil in solidarity.

United States 18/12/2008

Shoe thrower - Release al-Zaidi!!!

Until al-Zaidi threw his shoes and said what he said, there hasn't been such a heroic and just display of liberty since the anonymous student stood faced down a tank in Tiananmen Square nearly 20 years ago! Bravo to al-Zaidi, and BOTH President-elect Obama and dumb-ass W.

Bush should immediately call for al-Zaidi to be released, unharmed.

And the opportunity to sincerely APOLOGIZE to the Iraqis for the tragedy that has been this occupation should not be missed. Man up, please!

Brazil 18/12/2008


8 Years ago this gentleman would have not been able to get away, in any way shape or form, with this semi-violent resistance. I'm sure Mr. Bush was glad, as am I, to see that the Iraqi people are able to live in a country where they're not afraid of the government coming after them. Let's all just calm down, be real people and we can work through our problems with our words, like big boys and girls. Seriously.

United States 18/12/2008

All we ask

Attacking a head of state is a crime. Attacking a head of state who liberated 26 million people in a country is a sign of thanklesness and ignorance! If the soldiers of the United States were in Iraq for oil then we would be spending $10 Billion Iraqi Dollars a month to stabilize the country, not $10 Billion U.S. Dollars! All we have ever asked for when liberating a country is a place to bury our dead. Pray for peace, for there is no one more against war than the ones ordered to fight.

United States 18/12/2008

shoe-throwing incident

in response to mano from the U.S. you suggest communication and diplomacy. what do you think the previous 10-15 years were about? And to all calling this gentleman a hero and forever condemning the U.S. ask yourselves if Iraq is better off now than with saddam and what would happen to Iraq if we left Iraq today. What do you think Iran would ultimately do?

Ethiopia 18/12/2008

Bravo Zaidi

Zaidi displays not only his own anger but also the Iraqi people as well. Bush left many iraqis homeless, widow(widower) and orphanto, least the few. Were I zaidi, I would throw not 2 shoes as many as I can. May one day US will suffer what an Iraqi people went through.

Insha Allah.

Korea (South) 18/12/2008

lets be fair

he has acted behalf of the world. If he is to sentenced to 15 years how about the murder who have ordered to invade Iraq and resulted in hundred thousands of casualties. Bush needs to be brought to the war court and get the penalty he deserves

Pablo Rojas
Costa Rica 18/12/2008

Costa Rica supported the war against Iraq ...

.... yes, my country appeared like one of the "American allies" to the war against Iraq, something that fills to us of shame, but I believe that this attack if it must of be supported! well done!

Mike and Lillie
United States 18/12/2008

Mr. al-Zaidi

We wish to ask for amnesty for Mr. al-Zaidi. To 80 percent of Americans, Mr. al-Zaidi's anger and frustration that led to his act is completely understandable and should be forgiven. We are equally angry and frustrated at all the damage that has been done to our country and to Iraq by Mr. Bush and cannot wait to see him out of office. We look forward to our new President-elect who we believe will be able to initiate a cooperative and respectful relationship with Iraq.

Afghanistan 20/12/2008

shoe thrower

this man should run for the president of Afghanistan. He is a hero in this country for sure. Mr Bush should have Mr Zaidi's shoe apprpriately placed where it belongs

Japan 21/12/2008

Shoe throwing

Come on, people! There are still those who think this whole endeavour was about freeing the oppressed by a country that financed and armed the oppressor! Bull! Had that journalist been on target, millions would be cheering even louder! I am sick of American arrogance. End this occupation now, Obama. I know you have yet to take office, but use your influence as soon as you can and end this monster's folly!

United Arab Emirates 18/12/2008

Throwing shoes

Come on people .... this is just a display of a barbaric act. Personally, I don't care for Bush, but the shoe throwing just doesn't wash in the western world. Most people will look at this as a cowardly display of an uncivilized person. I hope they throw the coward in jail!

United States 18/12/2008

Bush Shoe Thrower

I am proud to be American .... that being said I am NOT proud of the IDIOT and his cabinet that has "Lead" this country for the past 8 years, our country is in turmoil in almost every aspect. I only wish this brave man would have hit Bush in his Arrogant Head. As for being tortured ... I totally believe it. It would have a scene if Bush was forced to come back with a black eye or a big knot on his head! Too Hilarious .... Respect for a president should be automatic though I have none for G.W.Bush

Iraq 21/12/2008

The real reason why

Talking to the Iraqis in the Green Zone they said he was tortured, but not because he threw a show at George Bush. He disrespected a guest to Iraq which they told me was a cultural thing (similar to the shoe throwing). Iraqis will be Iraqis and the U.S. can not force them to be westerners. Again for all of you who believe the U.S. forces are going around killing civilians read the counter insurgency manual free online. It is our main mission to protect Iraqi citizens with our lives.

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