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02 January 2009

Planet Björkguðmundsdóttir discovered & imaged!!! / PIZZAQ: What on Earth is exactly like it?

Click image for larger & more detailed

The announcement says it all. This is a Great Moment for Astronomy in the Dwingeloo-2 Galaxy. It's a particularly great moment for The Very Strange Array Near Thud!

It's an odd-looking sort of planet, n'est-ce pas?

Well, okay, here's some Pizza ...

Somewhere on Earth, there is a Thing that looks Exactly Like this stange Planet Björkguðmundsdóttir!!!

Find it, tell me what it is, where, who, etc. and win 9 Slices of White Spinach Pizza!


Rachel said...

Obviously, Bob, it's a geodesic dome!
Nice work. very geometric!

Vleeptron Dude said...

no it is NOT a geodesic dome! It's a much more interesting Thing than that.

No Pizza 4 u

Send me some of your recent images -- the attachment you sent via e-mail, I can't pull it up, something wrong -- and I'll post them.

Rachel said...

swine flu virus?

No pizza...aah, well, I'll just have to order my own--probably fresher, anyway--delivery time from Connecticut to Duluth, MN being what it is! My favorite is artichoke and anchovy. Surprisingly tasty!

Best regards--Rachel

Vleeptron Dude said...

it ain't the swine flu
it ain't pickled voodoo
no es un futbol
it ain't the West Wall
nor is it a blini
nor a 1957 bikini
it ain't no Packard
what rhymes with Packard?

you still owe me, via e-mail, images of recent work, and whatever you tried to send me a few days ago

artichoke and anchovy -- the Vleeptron Ministry of Pizza has offered these Toppings many times for PizzaQ prizes. I keep pushing shitake mushrooms and shallots on prizewinners, not a lot of enthusiastic response.

I saw a sign outside a field in Northern California: