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01 April 2011

Fan Mail from some Flounder? ( <-- Bullwinkle to Rocky ) / SOMEBODY appreciates my jokes! / The 7th Voyage of Sinbad / Why can't kids watch movies about eating people and duelling skeletons? Huh?

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At first I thought you might be some kind of left wing nut case then I read the part about swell new teeth!
You may be all those things but you have a great sense of humor.


Oh hiya Ohyan! Glad you like my jokes. Old jokes are the best, I get a lot of them from carvings on Mesopotamian ziggurats circa 4000 BCE.
Who are you where are you what are you? How'd you find Vleeptron?

PS. The teeth are great, but about as expensive as a car. The only thing I can't chew is raw carrots, but I never liked raw carrots anyway.


Love the avatar.
Cyclops from “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” by Ray Harryhausen.



Oh yeah, I think "7th Voyage of Sinbad" is my fave childhood movie. I was 11 and my eyes popped out and flies buzzed in and out of my mouth for an hour. Wow.
Second favorite: "Forbidden Planet."

In the UK, they censored out the scene where Cyclops roasts Sinbad's men, and where Sinbad fights the skeleton on the spiral staircase. They thought these scenes were too scary for little kids.
Censors can bite me.
There's a new CD of Bernard Herrmann's magnificent music score from Varese Sarabande. Of all Herrmann's scores -- from "Citizen Kane" to "Taxi Driver" -- I think "Sinbad" is tied with his score for Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Lush, lurid, exotic. His leitmotif for the skeleton is, of course, vibraphones, musical clanking bones.
The producer Schneer said they were very lucky to cast Kerwin Matthews as Sinbad, because very few actors look authentic and sincere when they're battling monsters which won't be there until the special effects guys put them in later. Matthews was great at duelling invisible monsters.
Wikipedia says "Sinbad" was made on a budget of $650,000. Can you believe that? Chickenfeed -- but the movie thrills and terrifies you better than most sci-fi crap with FX budgets of millions. "Avatar" was about the most expensive movie ever made; I slept through most of it.
Here, if you ever need the genie to come out of the lamp, say this:
From the land beyond beyond
from the world past hope and fear
I bid you, Genie, now appear!



Me too. Another absolute fav I’ve watched about 30,000 times is “Jason and the Argonauts” you have to go here

I always hated movies where you never see the monster or only some ridiculous thing in the last 30 seconds of the film.

Ever watch MST3K? [Mystery Science Theater 3000] Very funny stuff. They do a great lampoon on “The Mole People” it starred John Agar and Mr. Cleaver!! How cool is that?

“Monsters, John. Monsters from the Id” How creepy was that the first time you heard it?

I almost never watch new movies and the kids (adult now) hated when I said “All the good movies have already been made and most are in b&w.”

Forbidden Planet cost about $1,900,000 a big budget for it’s to be sure. grossed 3,000,000.


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patfromch said...

I for one have fond memories of Harryhausen animated movies like Jason and the Argonauts and such on Sunday afternoons.

but I differ with the one about where you can't see the monster until the climax. Sometimes this is vital. Example from my favorite serial TV show ever. If you know the punch line already you will know what I mean, you get the final kick in the whatsnames at the very end. If not, please watch. they don't make stuff like that these days, cheap but effective: