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23 April 2011

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patfromch said...

I did some proof-listening for Librivox (Edmund Spenser, of all things, would you believe it ?) and as a sort of relaxing side job I would sometimes proof-listen to the person Bob means. Unfortunetly I never got around reading one for Librivox myself. Ah, happy days ! Frequent readers of a special genre should recogniz the hint immediately, it is basically all there with the images. Claver montage !

Vleeptron Dude said...

uhhhh i confess i sort of forgot to graduate from college, so when i want to pass for a college graduate, I wear my Miskatonic University t-shirt.

About 1 out of 800 people who see it giggle.

This world is not really as well-read as people would like you to believe it is.

patfromch said...

But the people who have a certain expertise in the particular genre will get the joke instanntly. Within this genre that particular writer is seen a Maste of his craft and a founding member of the genre. Another master of the genre who admires this person greatly also lives in New England, but a bir more up north. This is not exactly a PizzaQ, but if anyone is still guessing I reckon that goes for a clue

Natalie said...

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