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18 April 2012

Postalö Vleeptron / 1st Day Issue: Stewie the fat cat wins mid-air battle with Bird of Prey!

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Here's a stamp of our latest Hilltown Adventure ...
Stewie the polydactyl marmalade tabby crawled back to the house all banged up and very freaked out ... we rushed him to the vet, who found two symmetrical wounds in his flanks -- some kind of Bird Of Prey mistook snoozing Stewie for a tasty plump bunny.
(Not an owl, we don't let any of the kitties out after dark. Hawk, eagle, falcon, that kind of thingie.)
The vet said Stewie's face had a lot of Somebody Else's blood on it, so apparently Stewie put up quite a ferocious mid-air battle.
It's a jungle out there!
Happy Birthday again, Hi J*****!


James J. Olson said...

I hope you gave Stewie lots of extra Treets For Cats.

Vleeptron Dude said...


well his first treat was a big shot of dope followed by oral painkillers for a few days ... but for special treats and bribes we gave him Human Salmon & Human Sardines, he perked right up at that.

But the pain only lasted a day that we could tell. Mostly it was Shock & Terror, cowering in the basement, etc. But he came back up, cuddled with S.W.M.B.O., and now everything's pretty normal and happy.

But Stewie does do a lot more Looking Up.

James J. Olson said...

Poor kitty.

PatFromCH said...

Well, well good one Sewie ! I have seen cats fight dogs and weasels. Swiss weasels seem to like plastic a lot so in rural areas they can often bee seen at night 'avin a midnight snack under a car. And when the cats are outside it gets loud and nasty.
I used to have a cat that LOVED to attack dogs but I never heard about a predatory bird attacking a cat, then again we don't have many of these here.
Again, good one Stewie !