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07 March 2013

commemorative stamp of poop-whomping meteorite smash in Chelyabinsk Russia

Click stamp to enlarge.

Another stamp of the meteorite that whomped the poop out of Russia on Friday 15 February, by my old Army pal who lives in the USA state shaped like a right-hand mitten.

Боже мой is how Russians say My God! It sounds more or less like "Borzhe moi!" God gets a noun/adjective declension exclusively to Himself -- even though the Godless Atheist Commies tried to extinct God's special grammar category throughout the life of the Soviet Union.

Amazingly the Surprise Meteorite smashed all the windows in the Urals city Chelyabinsk, about 1200 people had to get first aid for flying glass injuries, but no one got killed or seems to have suffered serious injuries. Now everybody's hunting all over the place for meteorite fragments -- they fetch quite a few rubles on e-Bay.

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