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26 March 2013

Salute to Canada / Saluer au Canada / free to be she or he in Ontario / It might as well be spring / Happy Almost Freedom, Kalaallit Nunaat!

Click image, it's all good.

The map is copyrighted 2001 (and seems to belong to HM Queen Elizabeth II), so a few things are a little out of date or stale.

For one thing, the Magnetic North Pole isn't at one fixed location, it moves around. I don't know where it's wobbled to this year. But it's probably somewhere in the map's neighborhood, it doesn't run or skate or swim very fast. To find it, bring along a magnetic compass. (But don't rely on it for other navigational purposes in Polar regions.)

If you know where (Latitude & Longitude) the Magnetic North Pole is right now, please Leave A Comment.

Next, I think Greenland got sovereignty and doesn't belong to Denmark anymore. Congratulations!

Hmmmm ... on further investigation, that's not exactly the case. Denmark can't quite seem to let go completely. Technically Greenland -- or as the locals say, Kalaallit Nunaat -- is a self-ruling parliamentary democratic autonomy within the Kingdom of Denmark. So they got a sovereign, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Oh, all the recent melting of the Arctic ice -- There's finally an ice-free navigable Northwest Passage, ships can now sail from Atlantic to Pacific (and contrariwise) without paying the Panama Canal toll -- well, they can during a few summer months, anyway. But if Al Gore's even half-right, that toll-free ocean-to-ocean sailing season will just keep getting longer each year.

So anyway, this is Vleeptron's Salute to Canada / Saluer au Canada.

The Equinox was 20 March, Vleeptron usually cranks out this blog in Earth's Northern Hemisphere, so theoretically, Spring began about a week ago.

Click HERE to see what Spring looked like out the window here. It looked a lot like where the young woman wearing small Canada flags was posing.

I am not a medical professional, but this young woman looks very healthy and fit to me. She is a credit to her wonderful, beautiful, friendly nation of Canada.

About ten years ago a student at the University of Guelph, Ontario, sued for her right to cavort & gambol topless/shirtless in public, and after a ferocious legal battle (well, as ferocious as legal battles ever get in Canada), the highest court in the province of Ontario found in her favo(u)r, so ever since it has been legal for both genders to parade around in public day or night topless in Ontario. Feel free to choose your favorite month to do so.


It Might As Well Be Spring

Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
Music: Richard Rodgers
from the movie "State Fair" (1945)

I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm
I'm as jumpy as puppet on a string
I'd say that I had spring fever
but I know it isn't spring

I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented
like a nightingale without a song to sing
O why should I have spring fever
when it isn't even spring?

I keep wishing I were someone else
walking down a strange new street
And hearing words that I've never heard
from a girl I've yet to meet

I'm as busy as a spider spinning daydreams
(spinning spinning daydreams)
I'm as giddy as a baby on a swing
I haven't seen a crocus or a rosebud
or a robin on the wing

But I feel so gay in a melancholy way
that it might as well be spring
It might as well be spring


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Hat tip from a canuck!

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