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07 March 2013

Tierra de los Sueños / TdS·Posta / 4-sheet: Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari / CAUTION: Some users of this sleep medication have reported episodes of unusual behavior

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Cesare the Somnambulist (Conrad Veidt) carries a murdered girl, under the hypnotic command of the asylum chief, Doktor Caligari.

I went to a very crowded, very disorderly Halloween party in Takoma Park, Maryland USA dressed as Cesare the Somnambulist. I wore black tights and painted my face ghastly white. I slunk around in dark corners.

ONE guest saw me and knew instantly who I was.

But the best costume was a dwarf, crazy ugly big twisted nose, wild hair, warts. He was about 42 inches = 106.7 cm tall. Best costume ever!

CLICK HERE to watch the entire 1920 movie. English titles, creepy symphonic score. Click it up in FULL SCREEN mode.

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LandsapeWindscreen said...

....and if you, dear comment reader, have enjoyed what you have seen then I can recommend another german silent expressionist horror movie:

Forget the one with bloody Klaus Kinski, this is the real deal. Legendary, influential and, to make a long story short, also Public Domain and therefore on There are many myths and legends around this movie. The main actor is called Otto Schreck (whose last name can be a pun in german for “scary”). Schreck was a bit warped himself and if you want to spin a tall tale a bit further into fantasy one could imagine what happens if a vampire plays a vampire in a film....and you get Shadow Of The Vampire which was suggested to me by the Vleeptron High Arts Council and is also recommended for deserts after Nosferatu.

and if you are into face painting and this sort of stuff then google norwegian death matal and corpsepainting. But don’t say I did not warn you......