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30 March 2013

long-lost Abbas the Canuck posts a comment to Vleeptron! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

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Abbas --

Salam yo
کیا حال ہے
سلام علیکم
کیا حال ہے
sup eh

i sure hope to hell youse Karachi dewds & dewdettes speak Urdu. If another lingo SVP tell me its name, i'll bet The Amazing Jennifer and her
Amazing Greetings in a Gazillion Lingos website has it. Whatever you use to exchange skinny with the neighbo(u)rs, Jennifer has it. You can't hide from Jennifer.

Don't tell my beloved S.W.M.B.O., but over the years I have fallen deeply in love with The Amazing Jennifer, tho i have never seen her face or been in the same SpaceTime with her. I don't know where she lives. I don't know if she is 121.92 or 274.32 cm tall. I don't know if she has a big black wen on her face with a big black hair coming out of it. I don't know if she shops exclusively from the Victoria's Secret catalog or if she is a Target kind of grrlie. I don't know if she's 12 or 103.

She might be Australian / she might be Bulgarian / she might be The Alien ...

I only know her Greetings (and a half-dozen other highly useful phrases, all friendly) in a Gazillion Lingos website. I really like Jennifer's life's work and obsession. She speaks deeply to my heart. How do you nominate somebody for the Nobel Peace or Letters Prize? If I can get a snailmail addie on her, I will send Jennifer some of Richardson's Amazing Hand-Dipped Chocolates (they're just up the road from us).

anyway forgive delay in responding. It's been one of those Pecked To Death About the Ankles by Ducks weeks -- utterly nothing serious or threatening going on, but Vikings or Visigoths or Huns couldn't have messed with our nervous systems worse than these Angry Ducks.

Also the Almanac says Spring began on Wednesday 20 March at 11:02 GMT, but you look out my window or (much worse) try to go out the front door and there is
Zero Evidence of Spring, we are trapped in the cabin by some kind of long-lasting Glaciation Event. If my CRV didn't have the 4x4, we would be extrasuperskrood.

I'm happy you enjoyed my Salute to Canada / Saluer au Canada, which as you may have suspected was another of my sleazy & transparent excuses to fill the blog with soft-core porn and increase readership. 

This Serious News & Commentary & Profound Thought & Mathematical Truth stuff has not exactly been sizzling the cogs out of the Hit Counter.

I found the photo of the Patriotic Canadian Young Woman i think in 2007, and the current weather has inspired Vleeptron to invite her to display the natural wonders of Canada again for Vleeptron's 34 devoted readers.

i hope to heck u & yrs are enjoying PK and I hope it's doing everything you wished for, but this Salute has inspired me to gush a little about how much i love Canada. 

I been as far west as Regina (does not rhyme with Geena), as far north as Churchill Manitoba and Nain, Labrador (to get there I was forced to kiss a salt cod, I kid you not), I been to St. Anthony, Newfoundland -- okay, it's not The End Of The World, but if you stand on a chair you can see it from there -- I been to L'Anse aux Meadows, whose First Peoples got so pissed off at the Vikings they chased them back to Norway, and it is not easy to chase Vikings away. I been to The Pas Manitoba  -- you get about a 35-minute stopover, DO NOT BE LATE TO GET BACK ON THE TRAIN or u will be stuck in The Pas for 3 days & u do NOT want to be stuck in The Pas for 3 days -- and i been all over the Maritimes and PEI.

I'm trying to recall a Bad Experience in Canada, and can't.

Well, okay, in a tiny port in Labrador one night the tour lady told us it might be a good idea to stay on board while the freighter was loading and unloading Skidoos, but me and my fellow Yank Urban Thrillseeker went down on the dock to see the sight (for this joint I think i have to just use the singular), and a surly crowd of disgruntled Inuit teenagers threw rocks at us, one rock parted my hair, and the Honky Thrillseekers diddibopped back up the gangplank and onto the ship again. (And slammed the door, hatch, whatever, securely behind us.)

(The Inuit teenagers had real good reason to be disgruntled, altho us dumb Yank tourists weren't to blame. Labrador First Peoples are advised to address all complaints to Ottawa.)

More later, S.W.M.B.O. is advising me that chow's ready. Let Vleeptron know sup with you. Keep checking this post for addenda over the next few days.

I don't even know your wife's name or your kids' names, but PLEASE tell them all that The Vleeptron Dude wishes them Good Times and lots of Halvah. Would they like Postalö Vlereptron to issue them a commemorative postage stamp?

وعليكم السلام

Vleeptron Dude

1 comment:

abbas said...

haha awesome, i get a whole post dedicated. brilliant. all is well here. things are hyping up for the elections coming up next month. we just ended the first complete term of a democratic government in 62 years. yes, you read that right. the first time ever. so it's an accomplishment i suppose. karachi is getting pretty heated up and shit hits the fan here at a moments notice. i'm glad all is well with you. newfies aren't to be messed with. i'm spending most of my spare time hanging out on and updating my family tree using lately. it's pretty awesome, check it out if you can. also, i've got your blog entries coming at me on a regular basis through RSS, and fortunately, i don't use google reader, nor did i ever. if you ever make it out east, look me up.

p.s. the urdu reads just fine. grazi.