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26 October 2013

human rights gulag scum Martha and her palsy-walsy chats with the nice lady from public radio and TV

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"Beat the Press" is a Saturday news commentary panel program carried by public television stations in Massachusetts. Emily Rooney, of Boston Public Radio WGBH, is the show's producer.


Emily Rooney
Executive Editor, "Beat the Press"

Dear Ms. Rooney:

On today's "Beat the Press," you mentioned a recent chat you had with Attorney General Martha Coakley.

I am happy you are on such close, friendly terms with AG Coakley. This will certainly assist AG Coakley in her upcoming campaign for governor, and will guarantee you preferred and frequent broadcast access to a major candidate.

I view AG Coakley differently.

I thank heaven that she failed to win the U.S. Senate seat left by the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy. After a confused interregnum of the questionable Scott Brown, Massachusetts now has a smart, effective, dedicated senator in Elizabeth Warren.

In her series of criminal prosecutor offices, Martha Coakley has made herself Massachusetts' premier champion of incarcerating non-whites for dramatically disproportionate felony sentences. Much of this wretched and racist accomplishment came from new felonies and expanded mandatory minimum sentences Coakley drew up and submitted to the Statehouse, which promptly rubber-stamped her felony wish list.

After African-Americans and Hispanics/Latinos, Coakley's favorite incarceration target is young adults. And of course all poor accused, with the ineffective legal defense to which they have access, are Coakley's sitting ducks.

Very recently, with Coakley leading the charge, Massachusetts won the 50-state prize for disproportionate state felony incarceration of non-whites.

For decades, Coakley has been Massachusetts' leading and most powerful and notorious human rights violator. If she becomes governor -- with your friendly, admiring journalistic assistance -- she will ratchet up her career campaign of non-white felony incarcerations. Under Governor Coakley, Massachusetts may reclaim the 50-state prize of race-based and poverty-based felony incarcerations.

Coakley is Massachusetts' cog in the USA's world-record incarceration nation. The Land of the Free has more human beings behind bars than Russia. The Land of the Free has more human beings behind bars than the Peoples Republic of China.

In January 2008 the USA hit the benchmark of locking 1 of every 99 adults behind bars. Coakley's contributions as a county and state prosecutor were significant in this vile achievement. 

Politically, Coakley is Old School -- she gives (white) Massachusetts voters what they have always wanted: blacks and Hispanics in prison, and blacks and Hispanics and young people hobbled and crippled with lifelong criminal records, most for non-violent victimless acts.

Shame on you for cozying up and giving your journalistic access and preference to this creep. Do your job. Report on the politically powerful objectively and toughly, with neither fear nor favor.


Robert Merkin

Chesterfield, Massachusetts

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