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21 October 2013

PizzaQ -- my new t-shirt!

Click image to enlarge.

Print image, have Paradise Copies make t-shirt. Wear it around town. Vleeptron guarantee you'll be the only person with this t-shirt.

(If you find another person with this t-shirt, start a conversation immediately. Get the person's phone number, e-mail addie.)

Best explanation of t-shirt image wins 1 Large Pizza with 4 toppings. (Not 3, not 5.)

PizzaQ Honor Code suspended -- Google your brains out, phone Klaas in Rotterdam, ask mom.


PatFromCH said...

Jungian Association Theory kicked in and thought of an 8-bit-Adaptation of HAL 900’s surveillance camera, the infamous “eye” and the fact that the origin of the stamp is Urbana, IL (where HAL was manufactured) maybe also rolled the dice in that direction. Yet the date doesn’t fit in there....

And just in case someone doesn't know what I am talking about...2001 A Space Odyssey, one of the best SF Stoner movies ever.

Vleeptron Dude said...

okay go up to The Next Post for my verbose and hopefully not helpful reply to your reply, which is either Spot On or else is Not Spot On.

Yeah I know I am long overdue in replying re

1. The Holy Implications of the Book Sale Terrible Error


2. How Bob managed to successfully and permanently (Bob hopes) stop smoking cigarettes.

2. of course is a profoundly serious matter and I am preparing a proper and full answer as I write this. Watch This Space. Don't Go Anywhere that doesn't have free wi-fi.

1. is delayed because it has nothing to do with the Holy Faith of the Hebrews.

it is delayed because Bob was a dopey idiot and hopeless nincompoop and is too embarrassed to post it where Vlad in Internet Kafe Sofia (which has free wi-fi) can see it.