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29 October 2013

the death & birth of kings / or at least princes from big eu dynamo places / stay on designated trails / Gifts of Magi / House of Bread / M4 automatic assault weapon / poultry guts / Newton & Halley / vodka / Prince X-treme van Helikopter

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PatFromCH said...

    According to wiki it is expected that the Comet can be seen from the beginning of November untill around January with the naked eye, but be careful kids, this could be a standard candle. It will pass Mars and astronomers are having much fun debating wether the bugger will only pass the sun, plunge into it or be torn apart. I can remember the controversy around Shoemaker-Levy 9 and in the end it was absolutely spectacular so we will see. Let’s just hope it won’t be pissing cats and dogs over the skies in CH. The weather for activities like these in this country is lousy, I sometimes wonder how Herschel managed to cope with the weather in England.....

    I also would like to give a shout to Lou with 2 cover versions:

    Maybe he was an annoying bastard, a horrible man full of self-hatred, arrogance and an ego the size of Mount Everest but they don't make 'em like this anymore.
    Monday, 28 October, 2013  

Vleeptron Dude said...

    i am at this very instant, i happily and proudly found it in the Clean Clothes basket and wore it into town yesterday, my Hale-Bopp t-shirt personally signed by both Bopp and Hale.


    Comet Hale–Bopp (formally designated C/1995 O1) was perhaps the most widely observed comet of the 20th century and one of the brightest seen for many decades. It was visible to the naked eye for a record 18 months, twice as long as the previous record holder, the Great Comet of 1811.

    Hale–Bopp was discovered on July 23, 1995, at a great distance from the Sun, raising expectations that the comet would brighten considerably by the time it passed close to Earth. Although predicting the brightness of comets with any degree of accuracy is very difficult, Hale–Bopp met or exceeded most predictions when it passed perihelion on April 1, 1997. The comet was dubbed the Great Comet of 1997.


    Okay, we are getting into Important Matters here
because with the appearance of great comets -- great enough to make souvenir t-shirts -- is also intimate association with the birth and death of Kings, and the winning and the losing of great battles.


so i got nothing to do today, maybe we move this discussion up from deep in the Comment Sewer of Vleeptron, and elevate it to its own Illustrated post. See next post.

    But comets is Big Stuff.

    Our Vice-President, Uncle Joe Biden, is regularly letting forbidden vulgarities and curses fly out his mouth and into live microphones.

    So when President Obama gave the opening remarks at the annual National Press Club dinner -- an event notorious for Naughty Public Behavior By The Rich & Powerful, accompanied by much alcohol-lubricated laughter -- he said:

    "I didn't want to come tonight, but Vice President Biden told me, "Mister President, this is a big fucking deal!'"

dunno what lurid art i gonna do yet, so this may take a few hours.

[a few hours of feverish hard creative work & filching pass]

Original image from which lawfully filched says it is

1024 × 1024 pixels

(we could have banged it up on MSPaint and read the Y pixel at the bottom to verify if the Austrians or Wikipedia were telling the truth or not telling the truth -- there is no allowable third possibility)

so maybe this Lawful Vleeptron Filch is also 1024 x 1024 pixels. Go further with this belief at your own risk. Vleeptron or its authorized agents Lenny & Spike deny all responsibility for what happens to you if you believe this image is 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Anyway, if you want the above signed by both Alan Hale and by Thomas Bopp so it can be printed out, framed and hung on your wall ...

(both amateurs, Bopp didn't even own a telescope, he saw The Thing thru a fellow amateur's borrowed scope and suspected strongly That Thing shouldn't be There)

... bite me. I got their comet signed on my t-shirt.

Call me, come over, I will model my signed Hale-Bopp t-shirt, U$0.50 per modeled foto or cel phone foto. I will smile or not as you wish. But no funny hats. just me and the signed t-shirt.


Bopp did not own a telescope. He was out with friends near Stanfield, Arizona observing star clusters and galaxies when he chanced across the comet while at the eyepiece of his friend's telescope. He realized he might have spotted something new when, like Hale, he checked his star maps to determine if any other deep-sky objects were known to be near M70, and found that there were none. He alerted the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams through a Western Union telegram. Brian G. Marsden, who had run the bureau since 1968, laughed, "Nobody sends telegrams anymore. I mean, by the time that telegram got here, Alan Hale [in New Mexico] had already e-mailed us three times with updated coordinates."[8]

resume vleeptron:

Bopp must had had a real Old Edition of The Book, because his edition said 


so he did it Old School ... but Western Union still existed, he probably had to drive around to find a convenience store/gas station that did Western Union cash transfers in the middle of the night, but he found it and, as his Book had clearly instructed, sent the telegram to the office in Cambridge Massachusetts USA where the old book said.

yeah yeah well Flash Gordon's Amazo-Zapotronik e-mail Blast Ray of Instant Data to the Cambridge MA office's Inbox still got there the same time, so they both got to sign my t-shirt.


Upon the discovery of ISON -- a thrilling, deeply human name, a name only the computer that first disseminated it to all sentients could love (it's Russian, I think they were passing around vodka at late-night Star Party) --


V leeptron 
M inistry of 
W homp-
A ss 
C omets

has consulted its Astrologer and found and verified that a King died. I think he expired after ISON was first verified.

Well, okay, not a King. But a real Royal Prince of a Big and Rich EU powerhuis. He was like 3rd or 4th in line to throne, so he was n0t even waiting for The Cel Phone Call; he was X-treme Skiing Off Designated Official Trails in the Alps -- I think Austria -- and got whomped by avalanche, followed by
very long coma, ending in flatline and Todt.

Astrologer-Consultant (if you want to see VMW-AC CV & foto Leave Comment) says Prince X-treme van Helikopter satisfies the traditional paramaters for the King-Death-v-Birth nexus. (This is Logic v = vel = or, not politics debate or lawsuit or boxing prizefight v = versus.) So we got ourselves a Genuine Comet Here.

Look -- hahaha and rofl and all that, but the first time i crawled out of tent and stood up and saw That Big Thing in the Sky -- where I sure had never seen a Big Thing Like That ever in the sky before -- I was genuinely scared. A very limbic part of my head said:

The Sky Is Broken

I think that's at the center of the Human-Comet thing. Those things are up there in the sky suddenly without warning and it frightens you.

Well haha i have been to skool and got passing grades in trig and the calculus and took physics and know what Newton said and then what his drunk sailor pal Halley said. I know what them things are. i can program my box to tell you where The Thing will be next week (or at least i can give you url of ). I got comet's license plate number as it whizzed past.

And when you finally see comet in the sky, it scares you. and of course you can't see comet from your apartment sofa or balcony. You are in the wilderness, the deeper the wilder the better. Animal Things are making loud killing and screwing noises. It's dark, and if it's not, somebody yells 


(Everybody carries little red-light flashlights, red does not degrade night vision.)

A fun thing to do in the coming ISON months will be to monitor astrology websites and horoscopes and see how the human-destiny-fate-comet link is showing up in the horoscopes. 

Are the world's astrologers on top of this green comet? Do they know about ISON? Do they care? Will ISON in sky be a propitious season to get my gall bladder removed? 

What do we do with or about an infant born under ISON? (Ætna in Sicily is currently available for -- but certainly not encouraging -- sacrifices.) What shall we name this child?

The Magi, the 3 Wise Men, were Babylonian and Persian astrologers, a star had guided them west to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, to do him homage and bring him gifts (gold, frankincense and myrrh). Comets are always the leading suspects when Sky and Telescope writes its Christmas feature, but it is fuzzy and difficult to antedict the dates of appearance of an ancient comet, we'll probably never know which comet the Magi followed to Bet Lechem, the House of Bread

(it's a suburb of and an extremely challenging cab ride from Jerusalem. I hope you're not allergic to the USA-made or licensed M4 automatic assault weapon. Please buy and send me snow-globe or cheap souvenir from Manger Square, I pay you back.)

I would make a GREAT astrologer. I love the threads, the vestments, the cone hat with planets (Saturn with rings of course) and stars and comets on it.

And I can program computers. I would be the programmer coder astrologer. (Probably just Number Next of many Programmer Coder Astrologers.)

If it comes out the ass of a digital computer, it is science and therefore true. Freeman Dyson was originally supposed to present an intro to "2001," they stood him in front of MGM Elstree UK computer, which had been doing the payroll checques, but they had to shut the big IBM for filming because the bright movie lights screwed up the magnetic tape drives.

I think Kepler (Brahe's assistant at Uraniborg) said:

"Were it not for the Mother Astrology, 
the Daughter Astronomy 
would have starved to death."

What fees do Consulting Astrologers charge for an important augury? Do they have fancy suite in skyscraper with nice waiting room and New Age music over the speakers?

Or are they all in basement office room of their parents' house?

I do not read the future from poultry guts, but yesterday at the market I bought 1 pound = 0.453592 kg of chicken gizzards and hearts. I love gizzards. NostraBobus foresees boiling water, onions & garlic & breadcrumb bake.

Oh, the Consultant-Astrologer says the Afghanistan War will end while ISON is in the sky. Still not sure if Taliban or Karzai Kabul Force will win, but he says the heavens clearly predict NATO coalition loses bigtime. Maybe they march out over that
Afghanistan–Uzbekistan Friendship Bridge like Soviet Army did.

Expect, Consultant-Astrologer tells Vleeptron, Big Stuff coming soon, preceeded by Signs. Like lots of women driving cars in Saudi Arabia. That's a Sign. You seen that before ever?

If you ski in Alps, stay on designated trails with lifts. No helicopter X-treme crap.

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