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13 April 2007

Agence Vleeptron-Presse Topples The Thai Junta 2 / new defaced image of his revered Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Click it up the whizwang
also suitable for framing & display

See how easy it is to get on-the-ground news and information from Thailand? All you have to do is deface the king's image!

patfromch said...

oh so cool one of my countrymen in the news. the story has made some waves in the local tabloid, but since I dont read that crap i cannot tell you more.

btw god Save the Queen was banned by the BBC andime. his reg himself who installed t Brian is a Pinhead because it was the King himself who installed this regime

Fri Apr 13, 08:38:31 AM 2007

Brian IS a pinhead, and has committed a NEW Vleeptron unpardonable sin. He wasn't an Anonymous Driveby Commenter, but he called me a TYPICAL usa citizen. Brian can Eat My Shorts.

Brian has consigned me to Ignorance Oblivion. I don't mind if he thinks I'm an Ignorant Moron, but it would have been very thoughtful of him to tell us WHY he thinks I'm an Ignorant Moron. Facts and Background would be nice. The truth is, of course, that the closest I've been to Thailand has been at the Thai restaurant downtown. But that's why we have these Comments, and that's why we have Agence Vleeptron-Presse. So Brian can keep Eating My Shorts until he gets off his high elephant and tells us some stuff.

Okay, I knew the BBC wouldn't play "God Save The Queen." BUT ... the BBC is Very Specifically NOT an agency of Her Majesty's government, they pulled that crap all by themselves. When the stormclouds were gathering just before World War II, the BBC was afraid it would be forced to become a war propaganda agency, and negotiated an agreement with the British government allowing it to retain its independent voice and structure.

So the decision to ban "GStQ" was made independently by a bunch of snooty stiff Brits, without government consent or interference. Meanwhile you could hear GStQ on a variety of pirate and private radio stations, and buy it -- it flew off the shelves -- in Brit music stores. (My copy of "Bollocks" came with a safety/diaper pin wrapped in the plastic shrink-wrap.)

We have utterly no evidence that Her Majesty ever picked up the phone and told the Beeb not to play that awful disrespectful shocking song. For all we know, she was a fan.

"Il ne faut pas être plus royaliste que le roi."

Here's the kind of big Magic Marker moustache and blackened teeth a REAL Monarch can survive and endure and laugh at:


God Save The Queen
The Sex Pistols
from the album
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols (1977)

God save the queen,
The fascist regime,
They made you a moron,
Potential H-bomb.

God save the queen,
She ain't no human being.
There is no future,
In England's dreaming.

Don't be told what you want,
Don't be told what you need,
There's no future no future,
No future for you!

God save the queen,
We mean it man
We love our queen
God saves.

God save the queen,
'Cos tourists are money
Our figure's head
Is not what she seems.

Oh God save history
God save your mad parade
Oh lord god have mercy
All claims are paid

When there's no future
How can there be sin?
We're the flowers in the dustbin,
We're the poison in your human machine,
We're the future; your future.

God save the queen
We mean it man
We love our queen
God saves.

God save the queen
We mean it man
And there is no future
In England's dreaming.

No future no future
No future for you
No future no future
No future for me.

No future no future
No future for you
No future no future
No future for you
No future no future for you.

Posted by: Eva - Dallas, TX


This Thai News person, Agence Vleeptron-Presse's new Person-On-The-Ground in Thailand (actually I suspect he/she is in exile in France), is a bit shy. Usually when there's a brutal junta back home, people in exile get shy because they worry about family members at home. Nasty Germans and Russians in Hollywood movies were fond of asking: "You have relatives in the Old Country?" Or "You hev relateefs in ze Old Country?" When you actually HAVE relateefs in ze Old Country, it's not funny, but it's part of the Exile Pressure that builds and eventually gets rid of juntas and police states.


Thai News said...

I'm verry sad for Thailand :-(
Wed Apr 11, 10:57:12 AM 2007

Bob Merkin said...

Hi --

Do you know how many Thai ppl visit my Vleeptron blog? You're the first! Thanks!

Now PLEASE leave more Comment about the situation in Thailand, the junta, politics, the King, why you're sad ... TELL US STUFF! We never hear ANYTHING about Thailand!

Please make us less ignorant! That's what the Internet is all about!

Bob the Vleeptron Dude
Massachusetts USA
Wed Apr 11, 11:17:09 AM 2007

Anonymous said...

The situation is simple

The junta has torn down all democracy in thailand, yes we are now a military state.

1.They closed down all website on the internet that critisize the junta

PS. I think the main reason they closed down is because so many clips was critisizing the junta, They just used the king as an excuse(May be They're the one that posted the first video that insult the king, who knows!! )

2. All the media in thailand such as newspaper, TV, radio station is only allowed to kiss the Junta serious Booty, If not they will be force to closed down or face severed punishment like ITV(one popular news station) has been smack to the face with 100,000 million bath dept and 10 percent interest rate per day.

Has now been change to TITV and is now owned by the Junta.

Fri Apr 13, 07:17:50 AM 2007

Anonymous said...

In 19 Sep. 2006 , While Our beloved PM Taksin Shinawatra is at the meeting with the United Nation, The Junta lead by King Advisor Prem Thinlasulanon. and General Sonthi bunyaradkarin they march tank to closed down the road, sized the palace and the thailand whitehouse, sized control over all TV station and declared the city of Bangkok under marshal law.

Their reason for doing so is that

1. PM Taksin Shinawatra is corrupted and a dictator by buying all vote in thailand on all previous election

Ans. Which is intirly untrue the true reason for doing this is this:

A1.General Sonthi. has been assign to solve the terrorism activity in southan Thailand and is giving a time limit if he don't have some solid working result by than he will not be Head General anymore.

A2. Only a couple of days before PM Taksin Shinawatra went to Meeting with United Nation,their was an assasination attempt on his life-a huge bomb placed in a car,Which If detonated can destroy everything in radius of 10 km. The assasination failed and all the assasins has beed captured,investigationg is slowly reaching the Head assasin-The Junta.

So they have to make their move first before that happens.

Fri Apr 13, 07:42:25 AM 2007

Anonymous said...

One reason for the military forming the Junta is PM Taksin Shinawatra budget policy

1.Cut military funding down to minimum because Thailand is not at war with any nation to save more money to help support all the people in thailand-He gave 1 millian bath each to every village in thailand to house their own project so that they can help themself(Education, fight against drugs, export local product, etc..).

If any military peronal need money for anything they have to give solid report stating what proper reason, how much money to used, as evidance and if the money is misused they will face severed punishment.

And as for equipment such as tank, guns, Jet plane,etc..PM Thaksin exchanged for them not with money but with thailand local agricultural product such as rice, frozen chicken,etc.. which most would have to be disposed of every year(because they are rotten after sometime)

One time he even made a deal like this with Russia for dezon of the latest ZU-xxx model fighter Jet.

and Now that PM Taksin is ousted of thailand those deal is off, and I've heard that The Junta just bought dozen of Second rated,out of date F-16 from America for 5 millian dollars each.

Fri Apr 13, 08:13:39 AM 2007


patneedsanewkeyboard said...

well sorry about all those typos but something with my keyboard ist nicht korrekt. I cannot type prperly anymore since I had to reinstall xp.his song

so bob has the lyrics, i have die Musik. the very first time I heard this song I was about 12 awas so intensend i got a cramp because it was so intense. screw hp, screw xp and all keyboards. this band was a joke, but it was a good one

USpace said...

Nasty situation...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves
beheadings of schoolgirls

kill Christians, Buddhists and Jews
peacefully burn down their homes

Vleeptron Dude said...

hey Uspace ... here and on your website ... LIGHTEN UP & CHILL OUT!