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13 April 2007

Is having to face your wife the next morning with a hangover a form of human-rights abuse or prisoner torture?

Notice the leg shackles.

If anybody who reads Thai can help us with the t-shirt, Agence Vleeptron-Presse would be very grateful. Anyway, this is a t-shirt I don't want.

We got the t-shirt translated! It says: "Cheiang Mai Central Prison." Thanks to freemind, a very thoughtful Thai blogger!

I imagine Herr Oliver Jufer is back in CH by now, or at least clear of Thai airspace. He's married to a Thai woman, don't know if she jumped on the plane with him.

Beyond the Politics and beyond the revered King and beyond the Junta, Herr Jufer has landed himself in another nasty and familiar corner of the Human Condition: sitting in handcuffs while listening to his wife yelling: "You got drunk and you did WHAT????" (He also Did It in view of a surveillance camera.)

Agence Vleeptron-Presse filched this image from the blog A Brit in Bangkok, by a British lady (she teaches English) who loves the King and thinks Herr Jufer is a schmuck (not her exact word). Maybe if she Googleblogs herself she'll discover this Unauthorized Act Of Filching, and chime in with her own perspective about lese majeste and Off With His Head and maybe some stuff about YouTube and the Junta, but we'll certainly understand if she just wants to talk about elephants and Thai food.

She seems to have strong feelings about people who are guests in a foreign country and make loud drunk rude Monkey Business, which embarrasses the entire non-native community. I can get with that. When I travel and hit a new country, my first question is: "How do I say 'Thank You' and 'Please'?" And I use these new words very liberally and very generously so I don't end up wearing a t-shirt like this one.

Well ... I really would like this t-shirt if I could just get one without having to spend ten years in a Thai prison. I wear a Large. I'm guessing it's just the name of the prison, or "Property of Royal Ministry of Prisons," but in Some Places, prisoners wear signs which announce what their crime was, so all their fellow prisoners can know what they did when they got drunk in front of the security camera.


freemind said...

The letters on t-shirt just said "Cheiang Mai Central Prison", which is the name of the prison.

Bob the Vleeptron guy said...

Totally thanks!