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16 April 2007

Beauty, Perfection, Dependability, Peace, Hope

Okay, last night Blogger, entirely against my will, did all sorts of Mischievous Evil to VleeptronZ, and after a frustrating several hours, I managed to wrestle Blogger to the ground and get control of most of the Dwingeloo-2 Galaxy again.

IN FACT -- the long-lost Original Vleeptron is back under my control again!

Meanwhile, though, they erased my User Profile, so I'll have to cook up a new list of books and movies (why no music list, are the Blogger people deaf?) and a whole bunch of other shit.

I think the Blue Stamp above will be my New Photo. You all know what it is, right? If not ... shame on you, and ask by Leaving A Comment.

I asked my pal Phrost on Undernet, and he says he'll be 76 years old when it comes back next time. I told Phrost to be very careful about crossing the street.

I believe ... with very little proof, I'm taking this almost entirely on Faith ... that this equation is the most precise, up-to-date predictive description of the motion of this Object, which travels in an Ellipse, one focus is the Sun, nothing's at the other focus (the Empty Focus).

More than that, its Radius Vector sweeps out Equal Areas in Equal Times.

And there's one more law, which relates the time this object takes to complete one orbit with this object's mean distance from the Sun -- which, I think, conveniently happens to be its Semimajor Axis.

Fuck the Iraq War, Fuck Bush, Fuck Wolfowitz, Fuck Gonzales, Fuck Carl Rove, Fuck Cheney -- they're all going down, Nixon-like, Federal Prison lies ahead for quite a few of them, and if the Democrats don't nominate a total self-destructive loser moron (like, for example, Hillary Clinton), America and Planet Earth will get at least four years of some sort of healing breather during which we, in North America, in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, will all be a bit less worried about sudden surprise Shock & Awe & Hot Death from the Sky.

And maybe America's combat veterans will get a little better medical care at our military and VA/DVA hospitals. Maybe we'll get that Kinder, Gentler America that Bush Daddy promised us so long ago. Vote Not-Republican.

Meanwhile here is something which will not disappoint, a sublime & mysterious thing which, without fail, Will Be Here For Us if we can hold on and Be Here For It.

Last time Japan and the European Space Agency sent robot probes as near as they could safely get to it to snap its picture. I'll try to find those crude photos.

This time -- Oh, if Earth is still here and we have some semblence of Health and Strength, Oh what Marvelous Machines we will send to greet and inspect this Wondrous Visitor!

In its 76.3-year circuit around the Solar System, how Lonely it must get -- except when it flies near Planet Earth! We've been gazing at it in awe, fear, marvel, wonder, admiration, first with our unaided eyes, then with our better and better telescopes (a Dutch invention), and now we've just begun to send little robots to bother it, like pesky, hungry, curious little children bothering a tourist on a resort beach! It's going to start looking forward to passing through our neighborhood, each time there'll be Something New flying past it, maybe even Landing on it!

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Jim Olson said...

I believe that would be Halley's Comet, as seen on the Bayeux Tapestry?