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19 April 2007

Yahoo kisses China's ass to toss dissident bloggers into torture prisons; Google helps China build The Great Firewall

If this is the worst Chinese calligraphy you've ever seen -- and it must be -- please feel free to send me a better .bmp or .gif or .jpg of the names of these Chinese Internet Cops, Jingjing and Chacha (a pun on the Chinese word for police, jing chá) -- the cartoon mascots of the Internet Surveillance Division of the Public Security Bureau in Shenzhen, China. I couldn't figure out how to directly import the ideograms, and so had to draw them freehand.

Last week Vleeptron was bashing the Thai military junta and defacing the revered King's image for the junta's thuggish use of the sleazy lese majeste law and for censoring YouTube in Thailand.

This week Vleeptron's attention is brought back to the Mother Of All Web Censors, the builder of The Great Firewall, the Peoples Republic of China.

And their American stooge, Yahoo, which is happy to squeal on Chinese bloggers to the Chinese cops and get their customers tossed into prison to be tortured.

Not forgetting China's other American stooge, Google, whose new Chinese search engine is designed , at China's request, to black out all searches by Chinese web surfers for things like "human rights" and "democracy" and "free speech" and "Tiananmen Square."

Investor Relations
Google Code of Conduct
Our informal corporate motto is
"Don't be evil."

Maybe the irate Thais who left pissed-off Comments last week are right. Maybe Bob and Vleeptron are just dumb, naive Americans who don't understand different views on such matters from different parts of the world.


Not forgetting our own George Bush who, during his first campaign for president, got pissed off when he lost a lawsuit against a satirical anti-Bush website and said, "There ought to be limits to freedom."

On Planet Vleeptron, that's what there is all the time: No Limits To Freedom, 23/9/441. And Too Much Fun. And no wars. What a whack planet.

Fuck the following:

* Yahoo, because they help throw Chinese political bloggers into prison where they are tortured

* Google, because they help China build a Great Firewall that denies surfers access to Ideas which their government disapproves of

* George Bush, who hates Too Much Freedom

* The Thai military Junta

* the Myanmar military Junta

* Alberto Gonzales, who writes memos for the White House that say torture is okay, the American government can legally torture people it can manage to grab.

* Paul Wolfowitz, one of the chief inventors of the War in Iraq, who is now pissed off because most of the career staff of the World Bank wants him to resign. This has something to do with his helping his sweetie-pie get a huge promotion and salary.

On Planet Vleeptron, all sleazoids have to work at crappy fast-food restaurants, and eat the stuff. Sleazoids don't run Planet Vleeptron. Ethical, Moral Vleeptroids (who like Freedom and Fun and loud music) run all the big deals on Vleeptron. No torture, no censorship, no squealing/grassing to the Secret Police, no Secret Police, free wi-fi Internet for everybody, free universal health care, no sleazy backroom promotions for your g/f on Vleeptron. Vleeptron is a Strict Meritocracy.


Thursday 19 April 2007

Chinese couple sues Yahoo
for man's imprisonment

by Adam Tanner

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Chinese couple sued Yahoo and its Chinese affiliates on Wednesday, alleging the Internet firms provided information that helped the Chinese government prosecute the man for his Internet writings.

Wang Xiaoning was sentenced to ten years in prison last year for "incitement to subvert state power" after he e-mailed electronic journals advocating democratic reform and a multi-party system.

His house and computer were searched in 2002.

In the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for Northern California, Wang and his wife Yu Ling charged the Internet firms turned over details to prosecutors that helped identify him to authorities.

"While in custody, Plaintiffs were subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, including arbitrary, prolonged and indefinite detention, for expressing their free speech rights and for using the Internet to communicate about democracy and human rights matters," the filing said.

The suit, advanced by the World Organization for Human Rights USA, based in Washington D.C., said Yahoo benefited financially by working with authorities. China is the world's second largest Internet market.

"Defendants had every reason to know and understand that the electronic communication user information they provided to authorities could well be used to assist in the infliction of such abuses as arbitrary arrest, torture, cruel, inhuman or other degrading threat and prolonged detention and/or forced labor," it said.

In a statement, Yahoo said it was distressed that Chinese citizens had been sent to prison for expressing their views on the Internet.

"However, the concerns raised about the Chinese government compelling companies to follow Chinese law and disclose user information are not new," it said. "Companies doing business in China must comply with Chinese law or its local employees could be faced with civil and criminal penalties."

The lawsuit came on a day Yahoo shares fell more than 11 percent after the Internet firm's earnings announced on Tuesday fell below expectations.

The suit names Yahoo, its Hong Kong subsidiary and, China's largest e-commerce firm, as defendants. California-based Yahoo bought a 40 percent stake in Alibaba for $1 billion in a 2005 deal.

Yahoo said the U.S. government should seek to lobby for political prisoners in China.

"We call on the U.S. Department of State to continue making this issue of free expression a priority in bilateral and multilateral forums with the Chinese, as well as through other tools of trade and diplomacy, in order to help secure the freedom of these dissidents," the firm said.

- 30 -

© Reuters 2007. All rights reserved.

Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency ... Reuters journalists are subject to the Reuters Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

from Wikipedia

Wa Xiaoning is a Chinese dissident who was arrested by authorities of the People's Republic of China for publishing controversial material online. Xiaoning was arrested after Yahoo! assisted Chinese authorities by providing information. In March 2007 Xiaoning's wife Yu Ling stated her intention to sue Yahoo! for its assistance in helping Chinese officials track down her husband.

Yahoo's decision to assist China's authoritarian government came in 2003-04[citation needed] as part of a policy of reconciling its services with the Chinese policy. This came after China blocked Yahoo services for a time. On September 7, 2005 another dissident, Shi Tao, was arrested due to Yahoo supplied information. Yahoo stated it was simply complying with Chinese law.


Vleeptron Bob said...

You're kidding. Usually people like you keep their mouths shut and do their crap in secret. In PRC, criminal trials of political dissidents are held in secret, closed to the world press. Pretty much like French justice before the French Revolution. I hope your passport's up-to-date.

Meanwhile you've broken Vleeptron's Only Rule, you're an Anonymous Driveby Comment. You can stay here for about 24 hours, then I click on the dustbin icon.

via_zp said...

this two characters are easy to write , if you want , I can send you writen in image format .but don't know how to send you.
I think you're difficult to understand many things happened in china as a american ,just like me don't understand why Bush goverment do not forbiden privites owns firearm evenif a young students shooted 32 people dead .
PS:If you want some help about chinese characters ,contract me by