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09 April 2007

Anonymous Driveby Hero says: Iraq War is GREAT! Now let's invade SYRIA!

Cell-phone image of
Sadaam Hussein's hanging

Hip Hip Hooray.
2 Cheers for Regime Change.
Everybody's so much freer now.
America's so much safer.

The original post on Old Vleeptron that this belated Anonymous Driveby Comment is complaining about:

It's worth re-reading or reading for your first time. I was very proud of that post. It's about a piece of American war history that's so old nobody remembers it. But read it and see why, in the midst of the Iraq War, everybody SHOULD know about it.

Here's yesterday's Anonymous Driveby Comment:


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Anonymous said...

You know- war is a terrible thing, but your sweeping condimnation of what we have done in Iraq is ill-informed an inaccurate. I was there for 18 months and did the following:

1. set oppressed people free
2. helped capture Sadam Hussein

we shouldn't stop there, maybe Syria should be next. I hate to see people suffer.





You're a Day Late and a Dollar Short. You're replying to a post that's so old that the old Vleeptron blog is now extinct.

And you also broke Vleeptron's Only Rule: You commented Anonymously, with no link or e-mail addie. You're an Anonymous Driveby Comment.

Check out these Vleeptron blogs. They're signed. They have my name and address on them.

I may say True Things, or False Things, or Good Things, or Evil Things. But everybody in C-space knows who said them.

Nobody knows who said what you said. Nobody can know who you are.

You could be a Political Troll-for-Hire, paid to leave pro-war Comments on anti-war sites. On the War in Iraq, on No Child Left Behind, on the War on Drugs, the Bush administration has a real smarmy history of injecting paid partisan opinions into the public dialogue, masquerading as independent citizen voices.

So far, my Big Vleeptron Mouth hasn't earned me a dime from anybody.

Let's pretend -- with utterly no evidence, thanks to your choice to comment as Anonymous -- that you are what you said you are, an Iraq War Army vet.

Thanks for serving, if you served. I have no way of knowing.

I served, too. US Army 1969-1971. (You're welcome.) I think you can check my name out with the US Army records center in St. Louis. They'll tell you if I served.

And that's the difference between you and me. This swell wonderful patriotic Iraq War is your first senseless, misbegotten, fucked-up, foot-shooting, never-ending American war.

It's my second senseless, misbegotten, fucked-up, liars' scoundrels' foot-shooting American war. Check out the Memorial to my war in my hometown, Washington DC. Get there at dawn. How long will it take you to read the 58,249 names of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen who died in the Vietnam War?

At one second per name, without a pause, plan to be there for 16.2 hours. Arrive at 06:00, start reading, you'll get to the end around 22:15 .

Your Foxic Talking Points:

1. set oppressed people free

In 1945, guys who wore our uniform liberated concentration camps in Europe and set oppressed people free. This moment wasn't followed by five years of genocidal civil war. After the surrenders, the people of Germany and the people of Japan laid down their arms and immediately stopped killing American soldiers.

The Bloomberg School of Public Health study says that since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, 160,000+ Iraqi civilians have died of violence who wouldn't have died if the invasion hadn't happened.

Setting oppressed people free to die and to kill one another by the hundreds of thousands with no end in sight isn't the flag-waving patriotic heart-sweller you're trying to paint it. If the US-led coalition can claim Victory and Mission Accomplished -- why are so many soldiers and marines still coming back to Dover Air Force Base in coffins at the Victory+5 year mark?

2. helped capture Sadam Hussein

So what?

At the time, there were easily 40 equally brutal totalitarian police-state dictatorships that the USA either worked with as our allies, or did routine business with, but didn't declare Regime Change War against. Our "Friendly Dictators" is the way the USA routinely does business.

Sadaam Hussein in particular was the USA's pet mad dog during the 10-year Iraq-Iran War, he was our proxy, he had our support and our help, and we turned a blind eye when he developed and used chemical weapons against Iranian troops. We hated Iran so much for the humiliation of the hostage crisis that we adopted the Arab bumper sticker: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

So we captured him and our new puppet government hanged him in a clear act of sectarian Shia revenge.

If I could only see as far as my own country, what good things has that done for America?

But I can see farther. What's that done for Iraq? What's that done for the region?

I'm afraid to click on the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to see the actual numbers. We've destabilized the entire region and flooded it with hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the borders into Jordan, Iran, Syria. The region will be reeling with the unhealthy and violent anti-American consequences of this war for decades -- just as Southeast Asia is finally barely recovering from the consequences of the Vietnam War.

And now we're dicking around with a new war against Iran.

Your personal pick is a war with Syria.

The Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just went to explore diplomatic chat with Syria.

You want to invade, kill towelheads -- or do you prefer "sand niggers"? -- and send a new crop of American body bags back to Dover Air Force Base, and a new crop of amputees and PTSD vets back to Walter Reed and the VA hospitals.

How's that War vs. Diplomacy option been working out in Iraq?

On Fox News, Shock and Awe against non-Christian Asians who don't kiss America's ass sounds really delicious, all cute cheerleaders and kissing the boys as they march off to war.

I served so I could keep my big loud American mouth, and my opinions about America's fucked-up liars' kill-our-kids wars.

And you volunteered so you could be Anonymous? Am I supposed to wave some sort of flag at that?

P.S. Fox News is always reminding us that Iraq isn't Vietnam because only

(to 8 April 2007) US troops have died in Iraq so far -- chump change, a bargain for such a swell war.

But as Bush's War Without End keeps on chugging -- already dragging on longer than it took to achieve victory in Europe and Japan during World War Two -- I think this is a good time to start designing the Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial for the Washington DC Mall.

All war psychos like you have given us so far is dead soldiers, the dead and maimed children of my neighbors. So take a stab at your design for the inevitable Memorial to this great war.

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