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11 April 2008

1st Day Issue / Single Payer Health Plan Rally / Boston / Tom Morello of RATM / 28 April 08

Sure, click.

Hmmm maybe I'll go. I don't get to Boston nearly as much as I should, it's less than 3 hours east of me. I still haven't seen the John Singer Sargent wing of the Museum of Fine Arts. And I'd like to walk the Chartres Labyrinth at Boston College, a memorial to members of the college community who died in the 9/11 attacks. Boston has just added the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge over the Charles River, and it's a world-class stunning piece of hypermodern functional architecture. I'd like to see it in person. And just hanging around Harvard Square in Cambridge -- it's a constant Fiesta of All Kinds of Things Happening, and a lot of them have a brain. Also good food in Boston. Good book stores, good newstands. You can get from the train station to the airport on a high-speed hydrofoil water taxi. (The airport sucks, though, try another airport.)

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Jim Olson said...

Come anytime. I can give you a tour.