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01 April 2008

Will Mugabe flee? Has Mugabe flown?

Indebted last night to MH of South Africa (the source of the Mugabe faux movie posters) for a hot rumor that Mugabe had already checked into the Westcliff Hotel in the trendy northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Check out their Java slideshow. I think I could endure a lonely exile there, but then my needs are modest and simple.

That's a True Rumor. I didn't make it up.

In my experience, when an absolute dictator's closest friend looks him straight in the eyes and says, "If you don't come with me to the airport immediately, you're going to be disemboweled in 15 minutes," 28 out of 29 dictators will say: "Never!"

Meanwhile ... (South Africa website)
Tuesday 1 April 2008 17:14 (South Africa time)

Talks of exit deal for Mugabe

Mugabe to go into exile?

Harare, Zimbabwe -- Advisers of President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai are discussing the possibility of Zimbabwe's longtime leader relinquishing power, a person close to the state's Electoral Commission has told The Associated Press.

The source says Mugabe has been told he is far behind Tsvangirai in preliminary results of presidential elections on Saturday and that there could be an uprising if Mugabe were declared the winner.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Meanwhile Agence France Presse reports that Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel -- whose country holds the EU's presidency -- on Tuesday called on Mugabe to step down, warning of "a coup d'etat" if he stayed.

"If Mr Mugabe continues, it will be a coup d'etat," Rupel told journalists after addressing lawmakers at the European Parliament.

"I hope he is on his way out, most Europeans think this way."

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Excellent News
01/04/2008 18:16
The day we are rid of Mugabe will be a huge step forward for Africa as a whole. Of course its possible for new corrupt and selfish leaders to gain power but it will be a valuable lesson to people that it is easy to get rid of rotten baggage. - Michael Fletcher

What exactly to believe?
01/04/2008 18:24
Is the media now playing their part in anti Mugabe or what? I mean just a few hours ago we were told the Presidintial election will go to run off and all of a sudden advisers for both candidates are negotiating the exit for Mugabe. Exactly what a man who rely on the media jusk like me have to believe now? And I won't be surprised if this turn out to be all lies once again. - Victor

Beds are burning
01/04/2008 18:32
The time has come.... - Diesel and Dust

Mugabe might not have been stealing elections, after all
01/04/2008 19:12
If all this is true then it means that Mugabe has never stolen an election before - right? Because if it is true that he didnt know he was going to lose this time then it means he was winning fairly and squarely before. The western press cannot have it both ways. - Johan Malamba

01/04/2008 19:15
This quite intresting. I had prefered Mugabe to step down but Zanu PF remain in power.Had Mugabe done so earlier, his party was not going to suffer this crisis. Unfortunatley there is a new bull in town(The MDC)this is bad news for people on the ground,they suffer consequece of any form of outcome. God bless Zimbabwe!!! - GM

That other Dictator
01/04/2008 19:35
Bob, Hitler would have been proud of you, but it's really time to go, maybe you should do what he did? Go on...don't be such a coward!! - Trevor

Clean sweep
01/04/2008 20:00
Let us hope that the new broom does sweep clean and not just create another dust storm to cover up their own faults - after all when did any politician tell the entire truth ??? - Mel

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