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11 April 2008

share your feelings about the only industrialized nation that doesn't have universal national health care / Rage Against's guitarist will play

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For them what's in or near Boston, Massachusetts USA on 28 April 2008, and feel that Health & Life should not be commodities, like saumon fumee or bidets, which only rich people can afford ...
Note that Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave will play his guitar for you.

Single Payer Health Care
is the modern political buzzword for what, in every Western industrialized nation except the USA, is called National Health, or maybe Universalenationalekrankenversicherung. (I'm using my Translator Robot again, could you tell?)

You get in a car wreck, you spend two weeks getting put back together in the hospital, and when you get wheeled out, they give you your hospital, drug and doctor bill: Zero, zilch, nada, bupkis, free.

If the car wreck is in the USA, the bill is more like $211,392.87 . Unless you have private health insurance. Premiums for that are around $2,661 per month. In this economic recession with a big spike in unemployment, millions of families are having to choose between health and food.

Yes yes, it's not really free, everybody's taxes pay for Single Payer Health Care. But the health and medical care poor people get is just as good as the health and medicine rich people get. (But rich people can always pay extra for fancier, to prove that rich people are better than poor people.)

Sounds like Communism or Socialism to me.
Sounds like Cuba or Canada.
Where do I sign?

Of all the presidential candidates, only US Representative Dennis Kucinich called for Single Payer Health Care / National Health Care. He has been brutally punished for advocating Single Payer Health Care.


On Monday, April 28 we will be showing Michael Moore's 'SiCKO' at the
Massachusetts State House, followed by a rally for universal single payer health care with music from Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello! Rally for Single Payer Health Care! with Tom Morello, Guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave
April 28, 5PM on State House Steps!

Tom Morello, the guitarist for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave who plays firebrand folk guitar as The Nightwatchman, will be joining health care activists to rally for universal, single payer health care as part of his national Justice Tour! Tom who will be playing a set of four songs, was the co-founder of Axis of Justice, a political group whose declared purpose is "to bring together musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice together."

Showing of Michael Moore’s SiCKO!
Monday, April 28, 1:30 - 4:00PM
State House, Gardner Auditorium

Nominated for an Oscar and winner of seven Best Documentary awards in 2007, ‘SiCKO’ is a revealing and disturbing exploration of our dysfunctional health care system. The movie focuses not on the 47,000,000 uninsured in America, but the crisis faced by millions of others who are insured and dutifully pay their premiums. Follow Moore from the origins of managed care, to a day in the life of a health insurance hit man, all the way through universal health care systems in England, France, and Guantanamo Bay! Donna Smith who appears in the film will join us!

For more information contact:, (617) 524-8778

Sponsored by:
American Patients for Universal Health Care
California Nurses
MA Jobs with Justice
MA Physicians
for a National Health Program
Mass. Senior Action

1 comment:

patfromch said...

What ? No Medicaid ? Unemployment Fund ? No Pension Sceme ?? Now that IS sick !
(btw I am taking bakc everything I ever said about RATM). and they dissed your candidate for wanting that ???? Sheer madness !!

What do you guys do when you get sick for a longer period ? So sick that you cannot work, probably for the resto of your life ? Or unempoyed ? Reach the pension age ?

i live in a country that is fortunate enough to have one of the best medical and social networks in the world. Medicaid is bloody expensive, but it pays off,cant understand why they were shouting down your candidate, 12 per cent of the money I make every month is going into a special fund that will ensure payment in case of unempolyment (80 % of previous income) disability or the Pension fund. This is mandatory by law.

Medicaid goes extra, in CH we call it Krankenkasse, bloody expensive, the next bill is due soon and will cause a lot of swearing and cursing for 10 minutes. but the system is quite effective as you have demonstrated. Of course it can get though, minimum wage here is set at 2000-4000 USD per month, but it is possible.

What the hell are the arguments of the people who opposed Kunicki on that subject ??