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06 August 2008

Cindy McCain deals dangerous drugs (but they're not illegal so it's okay) / buy a case of cheap beer, make McCain's wife richer

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What is the difference between potential future First Lady
Cindy McCain and a MARIJUANA dealer?

Cindy deals a more harmful drug: ALCOHOL

That's right, Cindy McCain -- wife of presumptive presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) -- is an alcohol dealer. As the the chairperson and majority shareholder of Hensley & Co., one of the nation's largest distributors of Anheuser-Busch beer, she made a fortune dealing more than 23 million cases of beer last year.

Whereas selling millions of dollars worth of alcohol could land Cindy in the White House, selling just a few hundred or thousand dollars worth of marijuana continues to land countless Americans in the big house (prison, that is). This is despite the fact that marijuana is FAR less harmful than alcohol both to the user and to society.

"Cindy McCain: Drug Dealer" is a provocative new campaign designed to highlight this hypocrisy and spread the message that marijuana is safer than alcohol and should be treated that way.

CLICK HERE to check it out or go to:

Featured on the site is a short yet hilarious Web ad called "Drug-Deal-Er," which is a play on the old Budweiser frogs commercials. (A huge thanks goes out Paul Saurini for helping us produce this great video.) Also on the site is information on Cindy McCain's lucrative drug dealing empire, the facts about marijuana compared to alcohol, and PDFs of the Cindy "WANTED" poster that we would love to see posted everywhere!

Word of the campaign has already traveled quickly, spreading from the blogosphere (such as this piece on The Raw Story) to the mainstream media (such as this story in today's Denver Post). We expect it will continue to grow, especially after our press conference today in front of the Hensley Cartel's Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to spread it further!

Please visit today and:

- Sign the on-line petition and forward it to all of your friends, family, and coworkers.

- Download and print Cindy "WANTED" posters to hang around your
community, in your office, or simply on your refrigerator. We need to get these up EVERYWHERE!

- Watch SAFER's original "Drug-Deal-Er" video and share it with everyone you can.

Contact us to find out how you can do more to spread the word in your area and/or on the Web!

- Make a donation to help us buy more ads and reach a larger national audience.
Cindy "WANTED" poster ads are currently featured on
some major national blogs and on more than a dozen of the most popular statewide political blogs around the country (click HERE for an example). We only had enough in our budget to buy ads for one week, though, and we need your help to keep them (and new ones) up and running.

This is NOT an attack on Cindy McCain or alcohol!

SAFER certainly realizes the "Cindy McCain: Drug Dealer" campaign will raise some eyebrows. After all, that's the point. But we trust you -- and the public in general -- will understand that this is NOT a personal attack on Cindy McCain and it is certainly not a partisan thing (as you may recall, SAFER also labeled Denver's Democratic brewpub-owning mayor John Hickenlooper a "Drug Dealer").

Cindy is proud of her job and her industry, and alcohol use and sales are widely accepted in this country. Why is highlighting them an "attack" or negative in any way? In fact, we hope to get the public and the media thinking about just why it seems so crazy to call someone who sells alcohol a "drug dealer," whereas there seems to be no problem using the term for those who sell marijuana.

We should also point out that SAFER is NOT attacking alcohol. As we've said time and time again, we respect the right of adults to use alcohol responsibly. We are simply standing up for the millions of Americans our government punishes and considers criminals just because they make the SAFER choice to use marijuana for relaxation and recreation.

PLEASE FORWARD this message widely!

To forward this message to someone: this link


Chus said...

This is what I think: Cindy McCain The View

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hola Chus, a.k.s. Sr. Jesús Morales Salamanca!

(me llama "Bob")

I think you are my first comment from Espan~a. Agence-Vleeptron Presse hereby appoints you our "Hombre-on-the-Ground" in the Iberian Peninsula. Please file reports to A-VP about local volcanos and other newsworthy matters, like this:

A-VP pays its salaries to its correspondents all over the world in Pizza slices. (Shipping & transportation not included.)

Gracias for the YouTubes of McCain and Sra. McCain on "The View." This is a "softball" TV program. These very nice women are not trained or serious journalists, and would like to chat about household cleaning products or hairstyles rather than serious issues like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or US dependency on foreign oil.

McCain and his new vice-president candidate Sarah Palin are very careful NEVER to have to answer the serious questions of professional journalists.

(Because they don't have any answers.)

The US presidential election is 4 November. Por favor, pray that Obama wins!

Otherwise the world gets McCain. And if he croaks in office, the world gets (eeeek!) President Sarah Palin!!!

Meanwhile my Countdown Keychain says Bush will stop being USA president in 124 days 5 hours 1 minute.