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12 August 2008

PizzaQ -- guess the Question, then Answer it

Click, maybe that will help.

When someone answers this PizzaQ, I will credit the source of the image of the two golden knots. Obviously I am much too crappy an artist to have drawn them.

Should I just stop here? Does the image sufficiently explain what the PizzaQ is asking?

Well -- okay, if you want some Pizza (7 slices, your choice of toppings), you not only have to Answer the PizzaQ, but you have to figure out what the Question is, too.

I've been wanting to get around to this for a long time. Something Wonderful has happened, and I want to tell you all what it is.


Mike said...

Wow, much harder when you don't know what the actual question is. I'd have to guess that you're asking if the two knots are the same knot, just different point of view. Of course, the answer is that they're not the same knot, but who knows if that's the actual question?

formula 1 said...

This won't work in reality, that is what I suppose.