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12 August 2008

Mike wins the first half of the Pizza!!! / more about the PizzaQ / bureaucrats never make anything easy / Honor System now extinct

Sure, click for bigger.

mike said ...

Wow, much harder when you don't know what the actual question is. I'd have to guess that you're asking if the two knots are the same knot, just different point of view. Of course, the answer is that they're not the same knot, but who knows if that's the actual question?

Tuesday, 12 August, 2008




Now about your Answer, and your phrase

"Of course ..."

In 1900 (A.D.), you would have won the other 3.5 slices!

And everybody on Earth (I guess that's mostly sailors and Boy Scouts) who cares about these things would have agreed with you!

But sorry, Knot Dude ... no more Pizza.

Now that does NOT mean the Ministry of Pizza will give the Pizza to the first Comment that says


Klaas van Rotterdam said ...

Of course, the answer is that they ARE the same knot. Send me the Pizza now.

Tuesday, 12 August, 2008
10 seconds after mike Comment


The Ministry is demanding more than that. We're Bureaucrats. Nothing is that easy for Bureaucrats.

We need either

(1.) Proof


(2.) a Citation.

So here is a Generous Hint from the Vleeptron Ministry of Pizza.

These knot things float around in the air, in 3-dimensional space, free to twist and turn any which-way.

Rule 1. You can't cut them with scissors and then re-tie them.

Rule 2. Oh, and you can't look at them through a mirror. The mirror image would screw up the knot and make it Not The Same.

(There's a Very Fancy Word for this, but I'm not talking.)

Your point of view -- where your eyeballs are when you look at a knot floating in the air -- is totally unimportant and makes absolutely no difference to the "sameness" question. So you can turn them upside-down or revolve them around backally and forthally all you want.

(If you're having trouble making your knots float around in the air, well, you could just wiggle them around on the floor, that's just as good.)

Okay, I'll wiggle them just a little to get you started.

Or you can start Googling like crazy. The heck with the Vleeptron PizzaQ Honor System. I think The Honor System for stuff like this went extinct in 1964 and it's never coming back.

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