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13 August 2008

me gusta los donuts / me gusta la cerveza / me gustas tu!

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King Juan Carlos of Spain is on one of these 1-euro coins.

Reuters (UK newswire)
Friday 8 August 2008

Spanish shopkeeper
finds Homer Simpson euro

by Raquel Castillo

MADRID (Reuters) -- A one euro coin has turned up in Spain bearing the face of cartoon couch potato Homer Simpson instead of that of the country's king, a sweetshop owner told Reuters on Friday.

Jose Martinez was counting the cash in his till in the city of Aviles, northern Spain, when he came across the coin where Homer's bald head, big eyes and big nose had replaced the serious features of King Juan Carlos.

"The coin must have been done by a professional, the work is impressive," he told Reuters.

The comical carver had not taken his tools to the other side of the coin displaying the map of Europe. So far, no other coins of the hapless, beer-swilling oaf have been found in circulation.

"I've been offered 20 euros for it," said Martinez.

(Writing by Sarah Morris, edited by Richard Meares)

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