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21 August 2008

no car / no plane / Quebec & Nova Scotia by train & ferry

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Just got a laptop, it's supposed to have the wi-fi, so maybe (if I remember my password) I'll be able to post to Vleeptron, and maybe I'll be able to get my e-mail on this trip. Wish me luck. Otherwise you might not hear anything from me for about a week.

For some of this trip, either I try to speak francais, or else I have to resort to pantomime. Probably a little of both.

I really wanted to see Gaspe, but last week a flood washed out a railroad bridge, so no train to Gaspe.

But I love Halifax, staying at a really great old hotel (Halliburton), and this time I'm going to see the 10-ton anchor that flew 3 miles through the air when the munitions ship blew up in the harbor during World War One -- until the A-bomb, the biggest human-made explosion in history. ka-BOOM!

And I love the Yarmouth-Portland ferry, sometimes you see spouting whales, and if you ask discretely, they usually let me visit the bridge. And the high-speed CAT ferry has an itty-bitty casino.

See you next week, hope everyone's having a fine summer, unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, and then I hope you're having a fine winter.

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