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17 April 2013

... but I wanted BALLERINA BARBIE

Click image to enlarge plastic and organic babes.

I had to go out of town,
and left Agence-Vleeptron Presse in the reliable hands of my mega-pierced and multi-tatted youth associates Lenny & Spike, so everything on this post is Their Fault, not mine.

They love Barbie, and found this Huffington Post article, and a bunch of other cool Barbie stuph, and posted it according to A-VP's usual standards of journalistic excellence and public service. (They've finally mastered the entire alphabet and 3, maybe 4 punctuation marks.)

At the end of the movie "Addams Family Values," Debbie the Nanny (the comedian Joan Cusack) has tied up the whole Addams Family, and explains why she must now gruesomely kill them.

When Debbie was a little girl, she wanted Ballerina Barbie for Christmas, but her parents bought her Malibu Barbie instead. (Gomez and Morticia are sincerely horrified and sympathize fully with the poor woman's ghastly childhood trauma.)

By the way, did you like Vleeptron's "Monday's Child" sampler? Guess what day of the week the pretty little Addams girl (Christina Ricci) was born on.

In the above image, the organic (non-plastic carbon-based) Barbie is Valeria lukyanova, whose ambition is to look exactly like Barbie.

Vleeptron admires people with Big Ambitions. You go grrl! Follow that dream!

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PatFromCH said...

....and people wonder why I am starting to loose faith in Humanity and Modern Civillisation....