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26 April 2013

Insane Clown Posse / Juggalos / whoop whoop / hatred / revenge / Fox News Channel / Dearborn / Federal Bureau / Boston Marathon bombing / flying limbs / shrapnel / Dinosaur Train Happy Bunny

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oboy oboy thanks for the Juggalos Gathering photos! As has become obvious, us folks in the Assisted Living Facility aren't real plugged in to Insane Clown Posse buzz or Tweets or FB. (There's a new very viral service for sending fotos with a time countdown -- your close pals only have 30 seconds to see your nude self-portrait before it vanishes from the Internet forever and irretrievably.)
Keep an eye/ear open for any updates on the FBI's designation of ICP/Juggalos as a criminal gang. I am looking at your photos again, and if this is a gang, color me real scared.

I'm not overly grateful that you asked me the other Serious Question.
Everybody these days is cliche-ing "It's complicated." Which is code for crap so dysfunctional and incomprehensible and toxic that I don't want to give myself a migraine by thinking about it or trying to figure it out.
For the past 11 days, whenever I've been incautious enough to turn on the TV or the radio, it's been -- well, like the month-plus after 9/11, a Fiesta of Fear & Anxiety, with big sacks of Hatred tossed in for flavor.
(I'd be real curious to know how all this is going down in Dearborn. That poor community must be pooping its drawers, waiting for a mass Homeland Security roundup and detention.)
So for the past 11 days, both of us have found ourselves increasingly watching kiddie shows like "Dinosaur Train" -- if we plug into media at all, it's strictly and carefully for "Happy Bunny Rainbow" shows with guarantees of No Flying Severed Limbs and hot shrapnel and crowds screaming "Kill The Muslims!" In my office I plug into YouTube and listen to symphonies and Jean-Luc Ponty and Zappa albums. (Nerve-calming playlist on request; I'm listening to the B52s right now. 100 percent maim-free.)
Of course the Shock & Horror is when this happens in an American city. In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan -- and ethnic friction areas of Russia, like Chechnya -- this sort of thing is a weekly feature of everyday life. A big bombing at the marketplace or the other denomination's mosque -- well, for those folks, it's just same old same old.
Of course back in our Happy Youth days, if you wanted to find homemade bomb-making fiends intent on terrorizing our American way of life, they were current or recent students at UC Berkeley or Brandeis, I guess U-Michigan was a good place to find some Very Angry Dangerous fiends with a little background in chemistry. U-Wisconsin @ Madison has the sad distinction of being the last domestic bombing death of the Vietnam era. Some pissed-off retro Maoist anarchists blew up the Army Math Center in the middle of the night -- politely assuming nobody was inside. One guy was inside, pulling a computer all-nighter.
Hmmm, a similarity has just zapped in some old neurons -- our same USA has just been fighting two decades-long wars in non-white non-Christian Asia again. Could this possibly have something to do with bomb attacks HERE?
I know that after 9/11, Americans' usage of [doctor prescribed] anti-depressants and tranqs shot sky-high. Besides Happy Bunny TV shows, I'm riding out the Boston Marathon bombings with my old reliable Diazepam (bit more than usual) and cannabis (for medicinal purposes only). 
btw Happy 4/20 -- how'd the Hash Bash go this year? I think there was a bit of gunfire at the Big Reefer Party in Boulder, Colorado, but I think the worst was just sort of treated-and-released small-caliber crap.
Maybe I'll post these -- well, for want of a better word, thoughts -- on Vleeptron. They might serve the tiny purpose of Witness -- that during a moment of national hysteria and revenge, one old Vietnam-era hippie jerk publicly objected to Hatred, Fear & Revenge on an industrial scale, to sell a lot of tooth whitener and hemmorhoid cream and Subarus.
Fox jerks have been calling for an end to student visas for foreign Muslims. The American public/political dialogue increasingly is blaming Everything on them Satan-worshipping Jihadist Muslims. 
Big crowd demanding that we stop informing criminal suspects of their Constitutional rights, that our priority must be a little of the old enhanced interrogation. Elsewhere the crowd screams that the surviving suspect be processed as an enemy combatant (rather than your standard garden-variety deranged bomber).
I seem to recall that whenever we have a whomp-butt long frustrating overseas war against Foreign Heathen Devils, eventually some of the firearms and assault weapons and explosive devices -- and a bunch of the anger -- find their way back home -- even though that was strictly declared an Unintended Consequence, and we find it shocking when it happens.
Your e-mail is making me miss "Dinosaur Train" on PBS For Kids. One of the dinosaurs -- well, T. Rex -- talks just like Elvis, the little dinosaurs call him The King.
Oh btw we are placing our hopes for Homeland safety on the same reliable federal agency which is also safeguarding us from the Insane Clown Posse & its dangerous horde of followers.
Old Hippie on Tranqs 
& Medicinal Cannabis
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Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 9:00 AM
Subject: ICP

Hi Bob,

Besides Insane Clown Posse, ICP also stands for International Center of Photography.
So because you are interested in all things ICP, the clown version, here are a couple pictures.
Attached are two images from a book of photos of ICP fans I found on the web site of a UK graphic design magazine.


PS – I thought I’d see comments on Vleeptron_Z about the Boston bomb business.

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