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15 April 2013

mass spam e-mail celebrating Pan-Ibrahamic Hatred Festival

If there's a flavor or content to an e-mail you send that is hostile or hateful toward Arabs -- who are the children of my God, and thus are my sisters and brothers -- please never send me such an e-mail again. Please find a way to mass-spam your hatred, but to include me out.

Hatikvah -- I know it equally as Smetana's beautiful symphony "Die Moldau / Vltava" -- is an important and beautiful musical work, with great and significant political, historical and patriotic content.

I deeply oppose using Hatikvah as a broken beer bottle in a Jew-versus-Arab drunken saloon brawl.

But I can tell you who will win this sordid brawl:

Everyone will lose. Arab, Jew, Christian, woman, man, child, will lose.

And special recognition to all those, on all sides, who pour kerosene on this Festival of Hatred, initial God's encouragement of it, and liberally distribute boxes of strike-anywhere matches.

Please delete my addie from all future Hatred Festival notices.

I have important work to do to live in Peace/Shalom/Salam with my sisters, brothers and neighbors. This was an offensive and most unwanted distraction from my desire for Peace/Salam/Shalom.

Bob Merkin
Massachusetts USA

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Subject: Israel / Ha Tikvah its importance! Please see asap ---
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there's a longer version that has even more spectacular pictures

[YouTube url]

 Israel / Ha Tikvah its importance!

Hi Friends,

The Israeli ambassador and the Minister of the Diaspora would like our National Hymn, Ha Tikva to become the most popular video on You Tube by April 16, 2013, the 65th anniversary of Israel ’s Independence Day.

Please view the Video clip, at the website listed below, and then forward it to all your contacts. The object is to place this video among the top five clips.

The Arabs, living in Palestine are trying to have this video removed .

Por favor, vean este video y mandenlo a todos sus contactos. El objetivo es el de que aparezca en U Tube entre los cinco primeros, porque un grupo Palestino esta tratando de que deje de aparecer en U Tube. GRACIAS

[YouTube url]

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