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04 September 2006


Oh of course click.

I'm off to the Three-County Fair in Northampton!

Meanwhile, remember this Platonic Object?

And remember how we mere mortals cannot ever have direct contact with Platonic Objects the same way we bump into chairs in the dark?

We can only have contact with Platonic Objects through our Intellect.

Well, screw that. The Vleeptron High Non-Junk Science Council is GIVING AWAY THIS PLATONIC OBJECT FOR FREE!

You can SEE a Platonic Object dance and wiggle and do its amazing things right in front of your eyeballs!

Just send me your e-mail addie and I'll send you the Amazing Platonic Object called YMSSIEVE.EXE -- it's

The Sieve of Eratosthenes!

Yeah, yeah, it's an *.EXE file, so you have to have the cojones to Trust Me (Bob is VERY trustworthy) that if you RUN it, it won't do nasty things to your computer.

It won't do nasty things to your computer. I wrote it. I know what it does. It does DELIGHTFUL THRILLING POSITIVE THINGS! It will make you HAPPY!

And it's FREE!

(Of course if you Absolutely Love It and you want to send me some money or a Pony, that's cool.)

LEAVE a COMMENT. But if you're Shy, I think my e-mail addie is in my Profile here. And if I send you YMSSIEVE and you RUN it and it makes you HAPPY, you Definitely Must Leave A Comment. That's the Deal.

And now I'm off to the wonderful Three-County Fair!


Jim Olson said...

I can vouch that Yankee Magnetic Software .exe files are 100% cootie-free.

"...o/~ Our State Fair is a great State Fair....

Bob Merkin said...

Home again home again
jiggety jog!

It's official: If I end up on Death Row, my Last Meal will be Al's giant hot sausage smothered in onions and peppers. It's also quite possible I'll devour one of these Behemoths someday and drop dead on the spot, but I'll be smiling. With few exceptions, the 3-County Fair is not exactly a Celebration of Health Food.

A few years ago the 3-County Fair dates corresponded with Desperate Yellowjacket Last Sugar Opportunity Week, and a swarm of yellowjackets hovered around the cotton candy machine, and every stick of cotton candy came with dozens of angry, ensnared yellowjackets -- which you carefully ate around.

Yes, he's right (and he's in Holy Orders, he never lies) -- all Yankee Magnetic Software programs come with a 100% Cootie-Free Guarantee. And the YMS Motto:

"Solving Things You Never
Even Knew Were Problems!"

Jim Olson said...

if you waited until the yellow jackets were dead, they added a tasty and crunchy something to the cotton candy. i'm told they taste a bit like cinnamon and jalapeno pepper. must be the venom.