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14 September 2006

more Youth Science / 1st Annual Vleeptron High School Science Fair

Click and learn Science.
(Raw liver not shown.)

the 1st Annual
Vleeptron, Yobbo & Hoon
High School Science Fair

Sponsored by Central American Rockwell

Did you do a Science Fair Project?

Of course you did. You had to. You had no choice. If you didn't, your science teacher would flunk you. So a week before the entry deadline, you cooked something up.

Re-create your Science Fair Project here! Leave A Comment and tell Vleeptron all about it!

Or if you missed the Science Fair (because you had mono and weren't in school), Create Your Very Own Science Fair Project here and now!

On Vleeptron, it's never too late to compete in the Science Fair!

Leave A Comment and tell Vleeptron all about it! Or draw it like I drew my 1964 Science Fair Project!

(Use MS_Paint and e-mail it to me as a .jpg .gif or .bmp )

EXTRA CREDIT: If your Science Fair Project was not in English, re-create it here in its original language!

And refer to yourself by the name everybody called you when you made the Project.

~ ~ ~

Actually I think I won a 1st Prize at the Wilson Science Fair, but then I took this very questionable project to the City-Wide Science Fair and it only won a 3rd Prize there.

For one thing, I hadn't built a very sturdy stand-up display board and I think I taped mine to the project next to mine, which probably lost me points. For another, I was slow ordering the Planaria when I couldn't get my own with a piece of raw liver on a string in a city sewer pond, so when the Science Fair started, I threw some earthworms in the tank instead.

There was a lot wrong with my Project. But the basic Theory -- that you can get smarter faster by eating educated members of your own species -- really works, at least with Planaria.

Don't try this at home.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work. Planaria don't learn anything from other ground up planaria except what they taste like. You wouldn't learn any more from your own ground up parents. Don't try THAT at home!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Anonymous --

who r u where r u what r u? Vleeptron has only 1 Rule: No Anonymous Driveby Comments.

but now to Science.
ah okay I found it, more weird nasty stuff about The Discovery of Cannibal Learning in Flatworms:

turns out one of the Discoverer's rewards was a mailed homemade bomb from a former student, Ted Kaczyinski, aka The Unabomber. (But I don't know what the Great Scientist had done to piss off Little Teddy the U-Michigan Undergrad.

The Judgment of the Scientific Community has not been kind to the Cannibal Learning dude in the years since he published his discovery. Pretty promptly his Peers attempted to reproduce the amazing experiment, and declared him Full of Shit.

But look, I was a high school kid, and I just thought Cannibal Learning was really cool.

My wife S.W.M.B.O. (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is REAL SMART ... hmmm ... I wonder what would happen if ... and does she taste like chicken?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Girl Scout tastes a lot like Whooping Crane.