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06 September 2006

PIZZAQ: where on Earth is this bizarre edifice?

Clicking is undoubtedly a good idea.

Okay! I found another photo of the Yankee Magnetic Software Galactic Headquarters Building in Ciudad Vleeptron! (My office is behind the eyeball window.)

Or maybe, as is my wont, I'm lying my ass off, and this crazy edifice is actually located somewhere on Earth.

3 slices with sausage and onion: Where on Earth is this crazy building?


pat feng shui said...

Looks like the Bank Of China building in Hong Kong. Or was it Shenzen ? Feng Shui/modern architecture gone haywire if you ask me.

Bob Merkin said...

Nope. No Pizza. Everybody keep trying.

patlecorbusier said...

A teaser 4 y'all:
Bob of Vleeptron has used this image before. It's on his olde bloge, I just cannot find it. I'm not that hungry at the moment, otherwise I'd hunt it down.
In any case it is an arfing ugly building for one. So this is modern architecture , eh ? What about the eevators ?

Abbas Halai said...

if you're bored enough, go through all his projects here.

jamesjolson said...

it's an elephant.

Jim Olson said...

It's Lat Prao, the Elephant Building, and it's in Bangkok, Thailand.