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11 October 2006

we removed the guy's head so you can see it better

Okay, I lied. Eliel (Eero's dad) Saarinen didn't really design the Elephant Building, and neither did Phillip Johnson or I.M. Pei.

But Eliel Saarinen really DID design THIS, and it rocks. Best way to see it is after your train arrives, and then you walk through the interior space and out the front door. (An excellent all-services post office is out the side door at photo left.)

They call the place and the language Suomi. Right now Finland's Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja chairs the European Union.

From here -- if you're not a total moron and you already have your Visa -- you can take the train to the Finland Station and on to St. Petersburg and the Amber Room at
Екатерининский дворец.

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