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13 September 2008

again by request: Elmer Elevator the Monster Maine Coon, with a scale object / Benedict Spinoza Tabby Cat, the world-famous Cat Of The Day

Clickety click.

Okay, again by request, Elmer Elevator the Maine Coon Cat's linear dimensions and mass. (I picked him up and stood on the bathroom scale, then weighed myself, then subtracted.) He's a bit on the light side, but will probably put on extra fat during the winter; Elmer's typical weight has been 14 pounds / 6.35 kilograms.

When Heathkit/Heathbar asked for a scale object to show Elmer's monster size, S.W.M.B.O. pointed out that Elmer was posing on nice orderly linoleum rectangles. Heathkit/Heathbar spent a few evenings here and was impressed with Elmer's size and very sweet and gentle savageness. Elmer hunts full-grown rabbits (successfully, and always brings us the meatier, tastier rear half).

Also Benedict Spinoza the Tabby Cat, Elmer's Bestest Friend Forever (like Spongebob and Patrick the Starfish with 1 neuron). Benny was celebrated around Cyberspace last year as Cat Of The Day. S.W.M.B.O. wrote the text.

Our other cats are Priscilla, a very attractive little grey and white cat (originally named Mittens for her 4 white paws), who gets a bit paranoid and violent when anything pisses her off; and Scarlett-Charlotte the incessantly shrieking screaming howling Siamese. Scarlett is named for Scarlett O'Hara of "Gone with the Wind," and then I concatinated Charlotte, for "Charlotte Temple," a 1791 novel by Mrs. Rowson that some regard as the first American novel. Charlotte Temple was an innocent young English girl who was seduced and abandoned by a British army officer (they're all scoundrels and cads) who brought Charlotte to America as his mistress while he fought the Rebels during the Revolution.


May 11, 2007
Benny, the Cat of the Day
Three years old
Male Tabby
Florence, Massachusetts, USA

Benny lives with his best friend Elmer the Maine Coon, in Florence Massachusetts. We got Benny because Elmer was lonely after Wanda the cat died at 19. Benny, as you can see from the picture, is the most laid back cat we have ever had. He loves to roll on his back on the gravel in our driveway while I vigorously scratch his tummy!

Benny will also fetch his favorite toy, Mr. Mousie, when my husband throws it down our long narrow hall. I have had to replace Mr. Mousie's tail three times as Benny likes to carry him dangling by his tail in his mouth.

Benny and Elmer hunt together. This time of year I am kept busy watching what they bring in through the cat door.

Benny's full name is Benedict, which means blessing, and a cat never had a more apt name. He is the joy not only of our lives, but of Elmer's as well!


SteveHeath said...

okey dokey...My lug Ivan Pudge likely wins the obesity battle on accounta not being permitted to roam freely outside and play Hunter Games.

This past May we introduced into the social equation our first dog since spring of 2000, which predated the arrival of Pudge.

Eight pound Ziggy Stardust, an absolute worthless already spoiled rotten (by the SheBar...not me, man) poodle has inspired Ivan to move from being periodically grumpy to being pretty much like Mikey. He now hates everyone.

Though turkey or chicken still brings out his happy side.

11 year old Bleu, the docile female, had history with the former dog, but wants nothing much to do with Ziggy. She's spent the past three months hiding in the bedroom 24/7 and I think I've got to rearrange and start closing her out of there so she gets some life back in her.

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