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14 September 2008

Non-Sustainable Conventional Battery Technology extincted abruptly, replaced by far superior kind of "forever" battery

e-mail received from my List of garage and basement enthusiasts of ionizing radiation and all the gizmos that detect it:

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Subject: Depleted Uranium Powered Items

This link may have been posted before, if it has I apologize, but I found this very interesting:


Dr. Drizzlenick and Director General Tolstonogov have developed alternate versions of all of the items you see on this web page, which run on common depleted uranium.

Because Director General Tolstonogov has an abundance of depeleted uranium, and because there are parts of the world where telephone lines are scarce, he and Dr. Drizzlenick have found a way to power the common everyday items you see here like razors, flashlights, vacuum cleaners, and even vibrators, from depleted uranium. Major toy manufacturers in China have agreed to install these Depleted Uranium Power Cells in toys for the next Christmas season, so parents will never again have to worry about buying batteries for their children's Christmas toys.

Dr. Drizzlenick says "The half-life of Uranium 238, a component of the Depleted Uranium Power Cell, is 4.5 billion

[ 4,500,000,000 ]

years. Certainly longer than any current battery technology. It's unlikely that Chinese toys will last that long."

Director General Tolstonogov says "These items are engineered to be perfectly safe by Dr. Drizzlenick, and several other scientists with years of experience working at Chernobyl. Nobody else in the world has the Nuclear safety expertise that Dr. Drizzlenick and the other Chernobyl scientists have."

The technology behind Telco Powered Products™ is covered under US Patent No. 4773863, and other worldwide patents. Telco Powered Products™ are not FCC registered. Items may not be exactly as pictured. Prices subject to change without notice. There is no warranty expressed or implied on any of the Telco Powered Products™.These terms apply only to Telco Powered Products™, not to other telecommunications items sold by Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc.

Please Note: Due to the volume of requests for information on these products, and the difficulty in sorting out these legitimate email requests from spam like penis enlargement ads, bulk email ads, toner cartridge ads, work at home ads, Viagra for women ads, anti-aging ads and weight loss ads, email response may be delayed for some time.

I am not so sure if I where a parent I would be happy if my child's radio controlled car suffered a meltdown!

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Yukon, OK


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I'm loving this interview! How can you complain about anything when the information presented to you is Straight from the source? Plus, it's always good to hear what the Actual company or spokesperson has to say on the matter. Whether a famous person is being interviewed or anybody else, its just as exciting as being the first to know the gossip! :) This time its no 'who is right? who is wrong?' Because you can never be wrong when you get the information right from the source!

Vleeptron Dude said...

You're a battery?

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