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09 September 2008

countdown to ecstacy / 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0 / cliquez ici to see large hadrons colliding

this just in

some physicists associated with the large hadron collider have received death threats as the Switch-On date approached, one UK physicist called the protesters "twats."

tempers are hot. assassination attempts and desperate acts are in the air. as well they should be if the End Of The World is at issue. opinions vary, but some say the LHC will create a black hole or strangelet, and maybe rupture the membrane between our universe and some totally different parallel universe, into which we would slide, or contrariwise, or both. that can't be good.

we should give serious consideration to seriously maxing out our credit cards for the next few weeks, just in case. I have always wanted to drive a lamborghini.

whoops, peter called it the LCH, it's the LHC. Don't ask me what a hadron is. another whomp-ass machine is

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC, pronounced like "rick", IPA: /ˈrɪk/) is a heavy-ion collider located at and operated by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in Upton, New York.[2] By using RHIC to collide ions traveling at relativistic speeds, physicists study the primordial form of matter that existed in the universe shortly after the Big Bang,[3] and also the structure of protons.

At present, RHIC is the second most powerful heavy-ion collider in the world behind only the LHC, which is scheduled to begin experiments September 10, 2008. It is also distinctive in its capability to collide spin-polarized protons.


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Anonymous said...

The findings will be wonderful, so will the risks. They are playing with hugh amounts of enegy and we only "suppose" what could turn up from that.
I don't really think us neither them know for sure what could this bring nor what the risks could involve.
Their shield, Hawking's Decay, is just an unproven theory.
This october human kind will probably be taking its riskiest step in history.
I'm not afraid, but I think the truth is we are like monkeys playing with TNT.

Vleeptron Dude said...

monkeys play with tnt all the time. i just got back from Halifax, Nova Scotia -- site of the world's largest man-made explosion before the A-bomb, a munitions ship caught fire in the harbor during World War One. Huge sections of the city flattened, thousands killed.

Today you have to ask somebody to point out where the explosion was, and most residents aren't sure.

An insurance actuary could crunch the numbers about a world stripped of all potential risk associated with human activities. But if we banned risk, where would the anticipation and the excitement of human life be?

Where would the plots for cheesy science-fiction movies come from? As we speak, two nuclear physicists are suing in federal court in Hawaii to stop the LHC. They're marginalized by the rest of the physics community, they can't even get through front entrances to make their case. Professionals, including very pretty young nuclear physicist women, think they're crazy.

They're trying to warn us, they're trying to save Earth -- but will anyone listen? Noooooooooooooooooo ....